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airberlin offers a low-cost flight to Great Britain. From many airports in Germany we not only fly to London but to virtually every important commercial airport in Great Britain.

Great Britain is a popular travel destination, as it has much to offer in all areas thanks to its geographic position and long history. The country is especially popular with city travellers. The capital London fascinates visitors from all over the world with its imposing buildings, such as Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery and the British Museum. The Royal family is world famous, but of course Queen Elizabeth II above all, whose residences are scattered throughout the kingdom.

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The landscapes of Great Britain are multifaceted, from north to south and east to west the country offers surprisingly fascinating views. Start with the impressive white cliffs of Dover on the south coast, onto the picturesque, Cornwall in the south west that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, then northward to the glittering lakes of the beautiful Lake District and then to sparsely populated Scotland with its captivating highlands, rugged coastal areas and many islands.

With airberlin you will already save on the price of the flights to Great Britain, giving you more in your travel budget for an intensive search of the kingdom.

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