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airberlin has inexpensive flights to Saarbrücken, the capital of the state of Saarland on the French border. A tour through the state capital goes by the Alten Brücke (Old bridge) and the baroque St. John's Basilica. Next to the bridge is the landing place from where you can book boat rides on the Saar. If you want to shop in the university town, it's best to choose the Europa Gallery across from the main train station as a starting point. Here, the old mining headquarters and the former Saar Gallery have been converted into a new shopping centre, which houses a total of 110 shops. The gallery also has many cafés and restaurants, which invite visitors to feast after strolling down the large outdoor terrace.

Fly to Saarbrücken – enjoy the beauty of the metropolis on the Saar

The Fröschengasse offers another resting place in the middle of the city – a street primarily built in the baroque style with houses once lived in by workers and craftspeople. Here, a variety of restaurants with idyllic courtyards invite visitors to take a break from their city adventure. Once you're refreshed, you should also see the St. Johanner Market Square – the heart of the city.

Finally, a visit to the old Renaissance castle is fitting. Today it is an administrative centre and venue. Its underground complexes can also be visited - you'll find inexpensive flights to Saarbrücken with airberlin.  

Weather for Saarbrücken

5° C 28/01/2015
4° C 29/01/2015
3° C 30/01/2015
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