Economy Class on long-haul flights - now offering you an increased level of comfort

Enjoy superior comfort in Economy Class on an airberlin flight. Excellent service and new ergonomically-shaped seats on our long-haul routes transform your flight into a relaxing and comfortable travel experience.

In-flight entertainment


eco_entertainment1.jpgOur new comprehensive Inseat Entertainment* system ensures that there is something to suit your individual taste.

  • each seat is equipped with its own monitor
  • individualised entertainment programme: box-office hits, TV series, games, music albums and audio books
  • more than 200 hours of programmes to choose from
  • each seat has its own USB port

You will receive headphones free of charge on board. If you prefer, you can of course use your own headphones. You can download our current entertainment programme for long-haul flights as a PDF file here »

Internet on board

The airberlin fleet will gradually be equipped with the new airberlin connect service.
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improved comfort and more leg room

XL.jpgAll our seats on long-haul aircraft have:

  • padding in the lower back area
  • an anti-thrombosis foot-rest
  • a generous seat pitch
  • a back rest which reclines 15 cm
  • plenty of freedom of movement

In order to arrive at your destination feeling even more relaxed, take advantage of the benefits of our XL seats. Improved seat comfort with individually adjustable head rests and 10 cms extra leg room.

You can reserve XL seats, subject to a fee, when booking your flight or at a later date » up to 4 hours before departure.      

Amenity Kit for your comfort

In order to make the journey more pleasant, on selected night flights the airberlin Amenity Kit provides each passenger with:

  • a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • a sleep mask
  • socks

Fun and games for kids

In order to ensure that the youngest passengers are also entertained during long-haul flights, they are given a colourful pack of toys when they are on board:

  • a colouring book and pencils
  • a puzzle
  • a comic
  • an airberlin cap

In-flight sales 

Our in-flight sales offer all this and a great deal more:

  • delicious snacks and drinks
  • high quality perfumes
  • exquisite jewellery
  • fashion accessories
  • children's toys

Find out about our extensive range of products before you fly »


magazin_neu.jpgairberlin in-flight magazine

You can view the current airberlin in-flight magazine here »

  • new edition on board every month
  • around one hundred pages of lifestyle, tips, information and great entertainment

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* Please note the following variation » on our route from Stuttgart to Abu Dhabi and back.         


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