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  • With Park Inn by Radisson you collect topbonus award miles in Europe, Africa
    and Middle East
  • Collect 500 topbonus award miles per stay* at Park Inn by Radisson Hotels
  • Conversion of Club Carlson Gold Points® into topbonus award miles

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Collecting miles with Park Inn

Collect 500 topbonus award miles per stay* at over 140 hotels of Park Inn by Radisson Hotels.

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Exchange Gold Points®
for topbonus award miles


  • Members of Club Carlson may transfer their Gold Points® to their topbonus mileage account at the rate of 10 Gold Points for 1 topbonus award mile.
  • Members may also set-up their account to auto-convert Gold Points®
    to topbonus award miles at 10,000 Gold Points® increments.

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Mileage credit

Retroactive mileage credit

The missing topbonus award miles* for a stay can be credited subsequently to your topbonus mileage account by every hotel. Click on the following links to process your retro-claim:

If you require assistance, contact, sending a copy of the invoice and your topbonus number.

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Park Inn by Radisson

Adding Color to Life.

parkinn_image.jpgPark Inn is a fresh and energetic mid-market hotel brand that focuses on what really matters: a good comfortable bed in a clean and safe environment. From check-in to the moment of departure, the Park Inn experience is committed to being friendly, efficient, uncomplicated and hassle-free. From our colorful lobbies to our innovative room styles and restaurant spaces, find the best sleep in town. Every time you stay at any of our over 140 hotels. Park Inn by Radisson - Hotels you can rely on.

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* The following rates do not qualify for topbonus award miles: employee rates, family and friend rates, airline crew rates, travel agent rates, hotel employee rates, room rates that are billed on a master bill, tour operator rates, wholesaler rates, or rates booked through online travel companies or other third parties, including but not limited to,, Hotwire,, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, etc., as well as rooms booked through any other third parties online that require pre-payment. Complimentary rooms, including but not limited to rooms booked as Award Night stays, or stays involving other gift certificate or free night vouchers are also excluded.