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The smart approach to flying -
with the topbonus Service Card!

By purchasing a Service Card for just 119 euros a year you can enjoy a whole range of extra services, irrespective of your status. Start to make savings from your very first flight!


haekchen_mc.gifAdditional free baggage allowance or sports baggage at no extra charge

haekchen_mc.gifFree seat reservations or reduced rates on XL-Seats

haekchen_mc.gifFree Evening Check-in

haekchen_mc.gifEarn topbonus award miles

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The benefits of your Service Card*


More free baggage allowance

You like to travel with lots of baggage? Go right ahead! As the holder of a topbonus Service Card, you have a special complimentary baggage allowance on flights operated by airberlin and NIKI.

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Sports equipment or free baggage allowance?

You can decide whether you would prefer to check in an item of sports equipment rather than your additional item of free baggage - so you can transport your sports equipment at no extra charge provided that you register it in advance.

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Free seat reservation

You are entitled to free seat reservations for you, an adult travelling companion and any accompanying children under the age of 12
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Further benefits


Reduced XL seats

You and your adult travelling companion will receive a discount when booking XL seats with lots more legroom ... more »


Free Evening Check-in

Free Evening Check-in for yourself, an adult travelling companion and children under the age of 12
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Purchase your topbonus Service Card at least 48 hours before you fly and you can enjoy the many benefits this card bring on flights operated by airberlin or NIKI in either Economy or Business Class.

Order now and reap the benefits

*Please note that certain benefits are not available on all flights.


  • Subject to availability, a topbonus Service Card valid for 12 months can be purchased at the current price as displayed on this website.

  • Only valid on flights operated by airberlin or NIKI on bookings made in the JustFly, FlyClassic, FlyFlex and FlyDeal fare categories and on flights booked in Economy or Business Class.

  • The benefits of the Service Card can only be used on flights for which topbonus miles are simultaneously being credited to the topbonus account with which the Service Card is associated. Please therefore state your topbonus number at the time of booking.

  • Between purchasing the card and first using it, there must be a period of at least 48 hours (i.e. between purchase and departure date of the first flight on which you would like to use the benefits; there must also be a period of 48 hours between purchase and first using the card to book extra services).

  • Please note that your topbonus Service Card needs to be valid at the day of booking as well as during the travel period if you want to take advantage of the Service Card’s baggage benefits.

  • Benefits for flights that have already been taken or for flight bookings made with additional services will not be credited retroactively, nor can they be accumulated together with benefits offered with a topbonus Card.