Web Check-in - saves time and offers flexibility

eservice_1.jpgYou can check in easily and conveniently online between 30 hours and 45 minutes before departure.

On connections to and from the USA Web Check-in is available 24 hours before departure of the long-haul flight and up until 3 hours before take-off. If you have an indirect flight, you can also use our Web Check-in service for your connecting flight, provided that at least the first flight segment is operated by airberlin. 

This service is available for any bookings with a valid electronic ticket, regardless of whether the flight was booked online, through a travel agency or via the airberlin Service Center.

To use our Web-Check-in service, you just need to enter your booking number and your surname. You can then check yourself in, plus up to ten other people who are travelling with you and choose the seats you prefer. After that you will be sent your boarding passes.

Exceptions for flight guests booked in the JustFly fare category. In JustFly it is not possible to choose your own seat. During the check-in procedure a seat will be allocated to you. Please also note the regulations that apply to checking in baggage in the JustFly fare category »

The Web Check-in service cannot be used for flights to and from Canada, Kosovo, Cyprus, Mexico and Cuba.

Benefits of Web Check-in

  • Saves time: no queuing at the Check-in desk
  • Flexibility: you can check in anywhere, e.g. from the office or while on the move
  • Be independent: check-in on the previous day, from 30 hours before departure (24 hours for airberlin flights to the USA, incl. connecting flights and flights from the USA).
  • Comfort: choose your own seat using our interactive seating plan

Checking in baggage

Even if you check in online, you can still check in baggage. Simply use our special Baggage drop-off desk or our Check-in desk at the airport. Here you will find the location of our Baggage drop-off desks at specific airports ». Please note the check-in deadline » given for your airport of departure.

Your boarding pass

We offer you a range of different options for receiving your boarding pass. Choose from the following:

Boarding pass as a PDF download or by email

eservice_boardingpass_multileg.pngDownload your boarding pass as a PDF file or have it sent to you by email.

Please print it out on standard printing paper in A4 format.

Note: you cannot use a boarding pass in PDF format accessed on your mobile phone for boarding purposes.

Per boarding card page, up to three flights can be listed and checked in to. Please keep your boarding card safe.



Boarding pass via Passbook 

Add_to_Passbook_US_UK.jpgIf you want to save your boarding pass in Passbook, you can select the 'Mobile phone e-mail' sending option at the end of your online check-in to receive an e-mail containing your boarding pass as an attachment. You can then open the e-mail on your iPhone and save the boarding pass in Passbook. You can also retrieve your boarding pass via Passbook when checking in via the airberlin app.

SMS with link to mobile boarding pass

We will send an SMS to your preferred mobile phone number with a link that will take you to your mobile boarding pass. You can then either save it and/or retrieve it under 'Boarding' in the app. All you need is a web-enabled mobile phone.

Mobile boarding pass by email

Your mobile boarding pass is sent in the form of a barcode attached to an email, which you call up when you are at the gate. You need a mobile phone with internet access to receive the email. This is especially practical since you do not need to print the boarding pass out.

Mobile boarding pass via MMS for topbonus status customers

Your mobile boarding pass is sent as a barcode by MMS, which you call up when you are at the departure gate. Please note that this service is only available to German and Austrian mobile phone numbers.
Due to official regulations at the airports of departure and/or destination, it is not possible to offer mobile boarding passes for all routes.

Collecting the boarding pass at the airport

You pick up your boarding pass at the airberlin Check-in desk at the airport before the check-in deadline ». Alternatively, you can print out your boarding pass from one of the Quick Check-in machines in the airport terminal building up until 45 minutes before departure.
Exception in JustFly: in this fare category it is not possible to print out your boarding pass from the Quick Check-in machine.

Where is it not possible for mobile boarding passes to be used?

You can use a mobile boarding card on your smartphone on many airberlin routes.

At a few airports, the scanners required to read mobile boarding cards are not available or there are official regulations preventing the use of mobile boarding cards.

Using a mobile boarding card is not possible when departing from the following airports:

Abu Dhabi (AUH)
Antalya (AYT)
Billund (BLL)
Catania (CTA)
Curacao (CUR)
Faro (FAO)
Hurghada (HRG)
Keflavik (Reykjavik) (KEF)
Luxor (LXR)
Mahon (Menorca) (MAH)
Marsa Alam (RMF)
Moskow (DME)
Palermo (PMO)
Phuket (HKT)
Sharm el Sheikh (SSH)
Sofia (SOF)
St. Petersburg (LED)
Tel Aviv (TLV)


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