YourFare - just as unique as you are

FlyDeal, FlyClassic
and FlyFlex - airberlin’s new fare structure makes flying an even more unique experience, because now one person takes most of the decisions, and that person is you.

Would you like to fly at a special budget price, do you prefer to have access to the classic level of service or do you attach importance to a high level of flexibility and increased comfort?

When you book with airberlin, you have a choice of 3 options: simply choose the fare which meets your individual requirements and enjoy new-found freedom on your journey above the clouds.

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YourFare - airberlin’s fare structure
What is the difference between FlyClassic and JustFly fares?

In contrast to JustFly fares, flight bookings made in the FlyClassic fare category already include a large number of the classic services, such as checked baggage and airport check-in. Other services can be booked subject to payment of a fee (e.g. seat reservation or pets). Flights booked in the FlyClassic fare category may be rebooked upon payment of a fee and of the difference in fare, if applicable. Long-haul flights booked in FlyClassic may be cancelled upon payment of a fee. Short- and medium-haul flights booked in FlyClassic cannot be cancelled.

Please check this overview » for details of the terms and conditions which apply to FlyClassic fares.

Why can the JustFly fare not be combined with other fares?
The JustFly fare is designed to let us to offer you the lowest price possible on your outward and return flights. Additional services, which would involve higher costs, are therefore not included in this fare category. For this reason it is not possible to combine an outward or return flight in the JustFly fare category with the second leg of your journey in one of the other two fare categories on the same booking.

What are the features of the new fare structure?

airberlin flight guests have the choice of four different fare categories: JustFly, FlyDeal, FlyClassic and FlyFlex. We have compiled an overview » of the three fare categories. A colour-coding scheme has been used to make it clearer for you, and this takes the same format across the whole of our website. The JustFly fare is shown in orange, FlyDeal in turquoise, FlyClassic in light blue and FlyFlex in dark blue.

To give you an overview while you are making a booking, we provide a brief summary of the fares on the flight selection page. Only those fares are shown which are available for your selected flight.

I booked a flight before the new fare structure was introduced; will my booking change at all?
No, existing bookings remain unchanged. The terms and conditions which applied when you booked your flight still remain valid.

When is FlyFlex the right fare for me?

The FlyFlex fare provides you with the highest level of flexibility when planning your journey and ensures your flight is comfortable. In this fare category you can cancel or reschedule flights you have booked free of charge, even after the original departure date. In this case, you just need to pay the difference between the fares for the old and new flights;  we reserve the right to restrict the number of alternative routes offered. In addition to two items of hand baggage, two items of checked baggage or sports baggage are also included in the fare, as well as advance seat reservations.

It is possible to transport sport equipment or pets subject to a fee. You can check in at the airport counter or at machines in the departure hall, as well as online or via your mobile phone. Drinks and a snack during the flight are of course included in the FlyFlex fare.

Please check this overview » for details of the terms and conditions which apply to FlyFlex fares.
Is the JustFly fare available for children?

Yes, the JustFly fare is also available for infants under 2 years old and children under 12 years old. The children's discount is also applicable.

Further information on travelling with children »

I have selected my flight, but the JustFly fare is not shown. What is the reason for this?

The JustFly fare is conditional on a number of factors: availability is limited and is subject to a minimum length of stay. It is not possible to book in the 7 days prior to departure. The JustFly fare is not available for long-haul flights.

Are there any changes involved for me, as a member of topbonus?
You will find more information about the new fares and topbonus membership here »

What do I need to know about checking in, if I book in the JustFly fare category?
In the JustFly fare category you must check in online or via your mobile phone. You can do this on our website at, on our mobile website at or using the airberlin iPhone app. Check-in at the airport desk is only possible upon payment of a fee. For airports and destinations for which our Web Check-in/ Mobile Check-in » is not available this fee does not apply.

At the airport you must have your cabin baggage weighed at the check-in desk or the baggage drop-off desk. You will be given a JustFly label for your authorised cabin baggage, which will be checked as you board the aircraft. Any baggage in excess of the 8kg free allowance must be checked in and paid for in accordance with the current terms and conditions ». Please note that it is compulsory to have your cabin baggage weighed if you are booked in the JustFly fare category. Passengers without a JustFly label on their cabin baggage will not be allowed to board the aircraft.

Important: Regardless of whether you wish to check in baggage subject to a charge (any baggage should be booked up to 48 hours prior to departure by calling our Service Center) or are travelling with only the permitted allowance of cabin baggage, it is essential to collect a label for your cabin baggage from the check-in desk before departure!

You will find an overview of the check-in information for the JustFly fare category (PDF) » here.

Can I sit next to my travelling companion on the aircraft, if I book in the JustFly fare category?

With the JustFly fare, you can also take advantage of an additional service and reserve your seat (including an XL seat for extra legroom) when booking. When you check in online, you cannot choose your own seat - the system will assign you a seat, taking into account the environmental and financial impact on the aircraft's loading. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that those travelling together will be seated together if they do not have seat reservations.

Is it possible to check in baggage at the airport, if I book in the JustFly fare category?

Yes, you can check in baggage at the airport against payment of an additional fee. If you already know, at the time of booking your flight, that you will have baggage to check in, we recommend that you book the baggage immediately, or you can also book baggage at a later date » online or through our Service Center »; this service is available up to 48 hours before departure. We charge a fee of €15 per flight segment for the first item of baggage weighing max. 23 kg.

Alternatively, travellers with checked baggage can book the FlyDeal, FlyClassic or FlyFlex fares which already include checked baggage.

Please check this overview » for details of the terms and conditions which apply to JustFly fares

What is the difference between the FlyDeal and FlyClassic fare categories?

In contrast to our FlyClassic fare category, it is not possible to change your booking on flights booked in FlyDeal. It is only possible to combine flights booked in our FlyDeal fare category on short- and medium-haul routes with those booked in FlyFlex. Long-haul flights booked in our FlyDeal fare category can be combined with those in any other fare category in Economy and Business Class. In both FlyDeal and FlyClassic you have access to all our classic services, e.g. this includes 23 kg max. free baggage allowance and Check-in at the airport desk.

You can view the detailed terms and conditions of the FlyDeal fare category in this overview »