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You can easily book a low-cost flight to Corsica, Napoleon's home, at airberlin. Visit Ajaccio, the island's capital and also Napoleon's birthplace, or take an excursion to the east coast with its numerous beaches south of Porto Vecchio or Phare d’Alistro. If you like hiking, climbing, swimming or just relaxing on the beach, the Mediterranean island will suit you perfectly. Bikers and motorcycle fans will enjoy the frequently windy mountain roads with the fabulous views of the ocean. Regardless of what type of holiday you prefer, airberlin definitely has low-cost flights to Corsica.

Low-cost flights to Corsica: wander in Napoleon's footprints

Once you arrive in Calvi in the north of the Island, you can naturally also start out on an excursion. That way, you will see more of the lovely landscape. But please bear in mind that the roads on the island are frequently very narrow and can only be driven on in one direction. In order for you to be able to start out on your adventures and ventures directly, we will ensure that you can have a good rest en route to your vacation. For example, we will serve you free beverages such as coffee, tea and fruit juices. We will also supply you with snacks. That way, your cheap flight to Corsica will definitely be a positive memory for you.

Weather for Calvi

18° C 20 Apr 2014
19° C 21 Apr 2014
20° C 22 Apr 2014
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