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airberlin offers many cheap flights to Gran Canaria and, with connecting flights via our Berlin and Düsseldorf hubs, we can fly you here from almost every German airport. Flying with one of the most modern airlines in Europe means that, despite the low cost, you won't have to miss out on an exceptional in-flight service. Your vacation begins from the moment you take off and you'll arrive at Gran Canaria refreshed and relaxed. Since Gran Canaria is on the same latitude as the Sahara, the island enjoys mild temperatures all year round, making it ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the ocean even in winter. Its wide expanses of dunes and long sandy beaches make this island the perfect destination for an extraordinary beach vacation.

Cheap flights to Gran Canaria: For an unforgettable vacation with sunshine guaranteed

The volcanic history of this almost completely circular island means that its scenery is dominated by the extinct volcano, Pico del Pozo de las Nieves. This is also the reason for the diverse microclimates found on the island and why Gran Canaria is also referred to as the Miniature Continent. In addition to arid dune landscapes and rocky canyons, visitors to the island will also find sub-tropical valleys and glittering reservoirs surrounded by rich vegetation. At airberlin, you will find a wide selection of cheap flights to Gran Canaria, giving you more to spend on your vacation.

Weather for Gran Canaria

23° C 19 Apr 2014
23° C 20 Apr 2014
19° C 21 Apr 2014
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