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You'll find your next flight quite easily in airberlin's offerings – we fly to Palermo, Sicily from several cities in Germany.

Located in the plains known as the 'Golden Mussel' between the mountains Monte Pellegrino and Monte Catalfano on the north coast of Sicily, this beautiful city has been  casting a spell over visitors for centuries. Here, you can experience 2,800 years of varied history live in the palaces, museums and cathedrals. Fly with air Berlin comfortably and economically to sunny Sicily in the Mediterranean. We offer flights to the Mediterranean region from a large number of German airports. You'll travel comfortably with airberlin. 

You'll find inexpensive flights to Palermo with airberlin.

You can conveniently book your inexpensive flights online with us. Sicily awaits travellers with a mild climate and diverse cultural riches. Discover the beauty of Palermo in individual trips. Visit the famous 12th century cathedral, visit the Norman Palace and enjoy an espresso between the four palaces on the 'Quattro Canti'.

We offer inexpensive flights to Palermo from different cities throughout Germany.

El tiempo en Palermo

31° C 22/09/2014
30° C 23/09/2014
26° C 24/09/2014
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