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  • airberlin holidays – the new holiday portal from airberlin – is the place to find loads of great offers
  • Collect 500 topbonus award miles when you book your next holiday

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Collecting miles with airberlin holidays

Collect 500 topbonus award miles when you book your next holiday.

airberlin holidays – the new holiday portal from airberlin – is the place to find loads of great offers. Whether your trip involves sightseeing or sun and sand, there’s an attractive choice of hotels for every airberlin destination.

With immediate effect, you can also get 500 topbonus award miles with every booking – regardless of destination or length of stay. To collect the award miles all you have to do is enter your personal topbonus number in the relevant field when you enter your trip details online. Your award miles will then be automatically credited to your account at the end of your trip.

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Redeem miles with airberlin holidays

You can now redeem your topbonus award miles for airberlin holidays vouchers as a contribution to your personal dream holiday. Just call our topbonus Service-Team on 0049 (0)30 – 3434 3433*
The corresponding number of miles will be deducted from your topbonus account after a successful airberlin holidays voucher delivery.

Choose your preferred voucher type

You can choose between the following voucher values for your miles redemption.

Voucher valueAward miles
20 EUR3.500 award miles
50 EUR8.000 award miles
75 EUR12.500 award miles
100 EUR15.000 award miles

You can redeem 1 voucher per booking.

airberlin holidays vouchers can be used for all hotel & flight bookings on and reduce the total travel price according to the voucher value.
In case you have any questions or problems during your online booking, please do not hesitate to contact airberlin holidays’ friendly customer service on or call 49 761 55 755 500**

Promotion Terms & Conditions for redeeming miles on airberlin holidays vouchers 

  1. This voucher is valid for two years after the date of issue.
  2. Subsequent deduction of the total price of already booked travel packages is not possible.
  3. This voucher can only be used once.
  4. A combination with other vouchers or discount codes is not possible.
  5. The value of this voucher is chargeable to the net price (exclusive taxes and fees). If the value of the voucher exceeds the net price, it will be reduced to 0€, while the remaining value decays.
  6. airberlin holidays vouchers do not justify a separate account balance. A cash payment is not possible.
  7. Secondary purchases, public sales or auctions of vouchers or discounts through e.g. websites are prohibited.
  8. airberlin holidays does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen vouchers or discount codes. In order to prevent all violations, we recommend keeping all voucher and voucher codes inaccessible to others. Anyone can use this voucher code for his/her online booking with airberlin holidays as the code is not dedicated to any particular name or topbonus number. In case of a voucher code transfer, the new owner may risk the fact that the previous owner makes use of the voucher code, which would make this particular code invalid.
  9. In addition to the conditions of this promotion, the General Terms and Conditions of topbonus Ltd. (visible under apply.
  10. Only one voucher redemption per booking possible.

* German area code. International long distance rates for calls from outside Germany apply.
** Customer Service Switzerland: 41 840 233 299
Customer Service Austria: 43 820 820 250

Mileage credit

Retroactive mileage credit

If you make a holiday booking without entering your topbonus number you can still claim the award miles up to three months later. Just send your topbonus and airberlin holidays booking numbers to and we’ll credit your topbonus account retrospectively.*

* You must be in possession of a valid topbonus number at the time of booking in order to apply for award miles retrospectively. Please note that the topbonus Card holder has to be the invoice recipient, otherwise milage credit won't be possible.

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airberlin holidays

The holiday portal airberlin holidays presents attractive travel offers for airberlin destinations. Customers can choose complete packages from renowned tour operators like ITS, Jahn Reisen and Tjaereborg at fixed prices (with no surcharges). Other highlights include top hotels, available at bargain prices when booked with airberlin flights. airberlin holidays combines a tour operator’s experience and competence with all the benefits of Dynamic Packaging.

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