How does SMS Seat Reservation work?
This service allows you to reserve your seat when out and about – simply by sending us a text message. As soon as your flight is available for seat reservation (for advance bookings this will be approx. 30 hours before the scheduled departure, for last-minute bookings this will be approx. 3 hours before departure) we will automatically send you an SMS asking you whether you would like to reserve a seat in advance. This invitation will be sent to you for each leg of your journey. This invitation will be sent to you for each leg of your journey. You can reserve a seat by replying to the text message with the relevant flight number. We will take your individual preferences – window, aisle seat or sitting together – into account, subject to availability. You will need to text us with the reply at least one hour before the scheduled departure time. When you arrive at the airport you can obtain your boarding pass as usual from the airberlin check-in desk or from a Quick Check-in machine.*

During the booking process (booking step 4 / Entering invoice data) the services available for the relevant flight will be shown in the "e-Services" column.

* Each mobile number can be accepted only once. Please use a different mobile number for each customer regarding this e-Service. Please note that you will be charged for the reply SMS by your mobile phone provider.

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Reservation Hotline

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*charges for calls from mobile phones may vary