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I have missed the flight – what do I do now?

If you do not appear at the check-in desk in time, you will forfeit your entitlement for transport, but you are still required to pay for the flight. Unfortunately we are unable to change or cancel your booking free of charge in such a case. You can only take a different flight if you make another booking and payment.
Exception: if your flight is booked in the FlyFlex fare category, it can still be rescheduled or cancelled free of charge, even if you have missed your check-in deadline.
Therefore please note the exact check-in deadlines » for individual departure airports.

Your duties
When do I have to be at the airport at the latest?
To ensure a smooth check-in procedure and punctual departure of your flight, please make sure that you are at the check-in desk in good time so that you are checked in and have received your boarding pass before the check-in deadline. Click here for details of the exact check-in deadlines » at individual departure airports.

We are unable to check in passengers arriving at the check-in desk after the check-in deadline. These passengers lose their entitlement to be carried on the flight and do not have any right of reimbursement, issue of a credit note or free rebooking.

Please also note that, depending on the airport, the time you spend waiting at the check-in desk and at the security controls is likely to vary. You should also consider that you might have to travel considerable distances within the airport. Passengers have to go through the security check at Hurghadad airport before checking in; since this is likely to take some time, we recommend allowing an extra hour.
What does the EU regulation on hand baggage contain?
The EU regulation on hand baggage will apply to all flights departing from airports in the European Union and Switzerland, irrespective of their destination (in other words also to all flights within Germany and within Europe).

1. What does the regulation say?
Passengers may only carry liquids or comparable items of a similar consistency in small quantities and in small single containers in their hand baggage. In this respect, it must be ensured that the liquids are in single containers with a capacity not greater than 100 ml or a comparable unit of measure (as per the maximum filling amount printed on the container – a half-full 200 ml container is not permitted). All of these single containers must be packed in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a capacity not greater than 1 litre. Only one plastic bag per person is allowed. The relevant plastic bag must be transparent and have an integrated fastener (e.g. zip, Velcro, tie or string fastener). The simplest and most inexpensive option is to use freezer bags with zip-fasteners, which are offered in the majority of supermarkets.

2. What do "liquids" include?
Gels, pastes, lotions, combinations of liquids and solid matter such as toothpaste, hair gels, beverages, soups, syrup, perfume and other items of a similar consistency, and the contents of pressurised containers such as aerosols, shaving foam, hairspray.

3. Are there any exceptions for medicines or baby food?
Yes: Liquids that are used during the flight and are used either for medical or special dietary purposes, including baby food, milk or juices for fellow baby or infant passengers are permitted. The passengers must present these at the check point and they must also be separated from the remaining hand baggage and their necessity authenticated if required (e.g. by means of prescriptions, describing the necessity, plausibility etc.).

4. What regulations apply to purchases in duty free shops and on board the plane?
Duty free goods, which have been purchased on the day of the flight in a shop following the checking of boarding cards at an EU airport or on board a plane of an EU airline, may be taken by the passenger through the security check, if they are in a transparent bag sealed by the sales outlet. The bag must contain a proof of purchase that can be read from outside the bag, on which the date and place of sale are recorded.

5. What needs to be observed in the case of connecting flights?
If the flight in question is a connecting flight, where the first flight and the connecting flight take place from an airport within the EU, liquids that satisfy the conditions of point 4 may be taken on board the connecting flight. This does not apply to flights from non-European Union countries, which are not subject to the EU regulations.

6. Are longer waiting periods to be expected at the airport because of the EU regulation?
As the EU regulation requires a complex and thorough checking of the hand baggage, it can be assumed that the present waiting periods at the security check will lengthen. We recommend that you arrive at the check-in desk in good time before the planned departure.

7. Are there any further security regulations that must be observed at the airport?
Passengers will be required to remove their coats, jackets or blazers during the security check at the airport and take large electronic devices such as laptops out of the pockets. Please note that the hand baggage in airberlin aircrafts is restricted to a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

The existing regulations on prohibited items » in the hand baggage and in the checked-in luggage remain valid.

airberlin has no influence on these statutory requirements and requests passengers to take these into account when planning the trip and to reduce the hand baggage to essential items.
What needs to be considered with regard to the carriage of pets?

airberlin will carry pets either in the cabin or the hold, depending on the weight and size of the animal. Please note that the relevant animal protection regulations as well as the regulations on bringing animals into and out of the countries concerned will have to be observed.

Please note that when travelling with animals to be carried in the hold, different check-in closure times apply. These can be found in the "check-in times" overview »

Except JustFly fare: it is not possible to transport pets in this fare category. Further information about the carriage of pets »

Check-in and Web Check-in
Does airberlin offer an online check-in facility and other e-services?

airberlin offers a range of e-services for an easy and convenient check-in. Our Check-in & e-services » service page provides all the information you need about the various check-in options for your airberlin flight, including online check-in, quick check-in, MMS check-in and SMS seat reservation.

Can I check in the evening before?

We offer an evening check-in on some flights. For detailed information about the individual airports and services please refer to the airberlin Airport Guide »


Note:The Evening Check-in is only available on flights operated by airberlin, NIKI or Belair. Customers flying with codeshare partners are asked to contact the operating airline for information.


Passengers who have booked in the JustFly fare category can check in at the airberlin check-in desk upon payment of the check-in fee. The fee for evening check-in does not apply.

What time must I be at the airport?

Please arrive at the airport in plenty of time before your boarding time at the gate shown on your boarding card.. Remember that there may be a waiting time at the security checks. Since the gate may change without notice, please check the display boards in the airport.

If you wish to drop off your baggage you can use the baggage drop-off or check-in desk up to the check-in closing time at your departure airport. Please show your boarding card there.

Important: Regardless of whether you wish to check in baggage subject to a charge or are travelling with only the permitted allowance of hand baggage, it is essential to collect a label for your hand baggage from the check-in desk before departure. You will find an overview of the check-in information for the JustFly fare category here »

Who cannot use the web check-in?
  • Passengers who have booked their airberlin flight as part of a package holiday
  • Passengers in a group booking of more than 11 people
  • Passengers whose booking or rebooking was made less than 4 hours before departure
Where is it not possible to use the Web Check-in service?

Web check-in is possible for almost all airberlin routes. The check-in system used by airberlin is not yet supported at a few airports or there are official restrictions which mean that web check-in is not permitted.

On flights operated by our codeshare partners, both the Web Check-in and the desk Check-in must take place with the codeshare partner.

The Web Check-in service cannot be used for flights to and from Canada, Kosovo, Cyprus, Mexico and Cuba.

There is no Web Check-in available for the following airports:









Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Punta Cana



Great Britain



Cagliari, Olbia, Milan Linate, Rimini, Lamezia Terme, Verona








Nador, Agadir, Marrakesch








Ponta Delgada










Asturias/Oviedo, Santiago deCompostela, Tenerife North



Djerba, Enfidha

Adana, Izmir, Kayseri, Bodrum, Dalaman, Ankara, Gaziantep, Istanbul (IST, SAW), Samsun,Trabzon

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

What types of boarding pass are available using the Web Check-in service?

In the penultimate step of the web check-in you decide the form in which your boarding card will be sent to you. You can choose from the following:

Boarding card in PDF format for downloading

You download your boarding pass as a PDF file and print it out on standard printing paper in A4 format.

Note: A boarding card opened in PDF format on a mobile phone cannot be used for boarding.

Boarding card in PDF format by email

You receive your boarding pass as a PDF attachment to an email sent to the address of your choice and print the page out on standard printing paper in A4 format.

Note: A boarding card opened in PDF format on a mobile phone cannot be used for boarding.

SMS with link to mobile boarding card

You will be sent an SMS to the mobile number you have entered with a link which takes you to your mobile boarding card. You save this and/or open it for boarding. This requires an internet-enabled mobile phone. The really practical feature of this is that there is no need to print it out.

Mobile boarding card by email

You will receive your mobile boarding card in the form of a barcode as an email attachment which will be sent to an address you enter. You can then open this for boarding. This requirements email reception using an internet-enabled mobile phone. The really practical feature of this is that there is no need to print it out.

Mobile boarding pass via MMS for topbonus status customers

You will receive your mobile boarding card in the form of a barcode by MMS which will be sent to a mobile phone number you enter. You can then open this for boarding. The really practical feature of this is that there is no need to print it out.

Please note that a mobile phone number on a German or Austrian mobile phone network is required for this service.

As a result of official restrictions at the departure and/or destination airport the mobile boarding card cannot be provided for all routes.

Collect your boarding card at the airport

You will be given your boarding card at the airport up to the check-in closure time » at the airberlin check-in desk. Alternatively you can print our your boarding card up to 45 minutes before your planned departure at one of the quick check-in machines at the airport terminal.

Except in JustFly: in this fare category it is not possible to print out your boarding pass at the Quick Check-in machine.

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