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Passengers with special needs
Are there any special arrangements for unaccompanied minors?
Please note that a child under the age of 2 may only travel when accompanied by a parent / legal guardian or an adult (18 years or older). Children under the age of 5 may be accompanied by an older brother or sister (at least 16 years of age), provided that a parent / legal guardian has signed a written declaration of consent to confirm that an older sibling may accompany younger ones. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 are not considered unaccompanied minors (UMNR) if they are accompanied by a person at least 16 years old. Please note that for unaccompanied minors a written declaration of consent may be required from the parents / legal guardians. Our Service Centre » will be pleased to give you information about all the terms and conditions.

Children aged five years or more may travel unaccompanied on airberlin. Our flight attendants will take special care of our young passengers. Airline tickets for unaccompanied children between the ages of 5 and 11 inclusive must be booked via the Service Centre. A fee is charged for supervising unaccompanied children. An overview of the applicable fees is provided here »

Please note that children must be accompanied from/to the airport and that the persons accompanying children must remain at the airport until the aircraft has taken off or until the aircraft’s scheduled time of arrival at the airport, as applicable. Persons collecting children must be nominated on departure of the flight and must be able to provide identification when collecting children at the point of arrival. Please note the Check in Deadline for unaccompanied minor (UMNR) will be changed from September 01st 2014 »

If check-in has not already been done online or by mobile phone, your child will be checked in for the flight at the Check-in desk, where the UMNR wallet which your child will carry with him/her on the flight will be prepared. This wallet contains your child’s flight ticket, the boarding pass for the flight, your child’s valid passport or ID document and the UMNR form.
Please enter the following on the form:
- Name and age of the child;
- Name, address and telephone number of the person accompanying the child to the airport;
- Name, address and telephone number of the person collecting the child at the destination airport.
You can prepare the UMNR form now. Simply enter the required details in the form available here » and then print out five copies.

airberlin and NIKI reserve the right to take any measures they deem fit to ensure that any child is safely looked after if the child is not collected as arranged. These measures may include returning the child to the departure airport. The airline must be reimbursed for the costs incurred as a result.

Unaccompanied minors under 18 years of age and of Spanish nationality who are travelling from Spain or within Spain will require a passport or DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad, i.e. an official ID card) and the parents‘ or legal guardians‘ written permission to travel. This permit is issued by the relevant authorities (police, Guardia Civil, notary’s office) and must be presented at the check-in desk. When accompanied by a third party, minors under 18 years of age travelling from Spain will also require a passport or DNI and the parents’ written declaration. Minors under the age of 18 on a flight within Spain and accompanied by a third party do not require the parents’ written declaration. Minors under 18 years of age and travelling in the company of one or both parents generally do not need to present a DNI or passport; in such cases, proof of identity by presentation of the family register is sufficient. Minors must have a DNI or passport from the age of 18 onwards. The minor may be refused carriage if the above-mentioned documents are not available or incomplete.

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