How do I get the travel documents?
Your travel data is stored and transferred electronically to the check-in desk at the airport if you are using an AB-TIX e-ticket. When making a booking you will receive a transaction number that you will need to quote at the check-in desk, where you will also need to show your passport or ID card as well as your topbonus Card (if you have one). You will then be given a boarding pass.

If you book online, you can print out your booking confirmation immediately. You will also be sent confirmation by e-mail if you have entered your e-mail address. When booking online you can also choose to have the transaction reference number and the key flight data sent to your mobile by SMS.

With ticketless flying (e-ticket), your travel data is stored electronically and sent to the check-in desk at the airport.
How can I pay for the flight?

By credit card: AirPlus card, American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa (Visa Electron is not accepted). The AirPlus card is only accepted for online payments.

By PayPal (not possible in all currencies, not in combination with prepaid-rental cars, not in combination with the 72-hour fare guarantee)

If customers have a German, Austrian, or Dutch bank account, it is also possible to pay via direct debit, provided the trip is not started at least 7 days after the booking.

Can I change the booking?

Depending on the fare category booked, flights can be rebooked and/or the passenger’s name changed while the ticket is valid (365 days). This can be done by calling our Service Center ».

You can cancel your check-in here »

JustFly & FlyDeal fare: It is not possible to rebook flights in the JustFly & FlyDeal fare category.

FlyClassic fare: rebookings can be made by telephone or at the ticket desk up to the time stated in the booking confirmation for the ticket in question or as published online at When rebooking, the difference between the original fare and the new fare is payable, if this is higher; if a flight is rebooked to one with a lower fare, then the difference between the original and the lower fare will not be refunded. In addition a separate rebooking fee is charged according to the fee table » applicable at the time of rebooking. Rebooking fees are not charged for infants (children under 2 years old). A ticket booked in the FlyClassic fare category can also be rebooked as a FlyFlex fare.

FlyFlex fare: It is also possible to rebook after the original date of departure. When rebooking, the difference between the original fare and the new fare is payable, if this is higher; if a flight is rebooked to one with a lower fare, then the difference between the original and the lower fare will not be refunded. No separate rebooking fee is charged. An international flight cannot be rebooked as a domestic flight. The same applies to a domestic flight that is rebooked as an international flight or as a domestic flight in another country; we reserve the right to restrict the number of alternative routes offered. The passenger name may be changed up until the departure of the first leg of the flight. For name changes on a booking made as a FlyClassic fare/ Saver fare booked before 22.05.2012, the higher flight price plus the rebooking fee will be charged. If a flight was booked as a FlyFlex fare / Flex fare booked before 22.05.2012, the name on the ticket can be changed free of charge by calling our Service Center. Rebooking fees, i.e. fees for change of flight and/or passenger name, may only be paid by approved credit cards or by direct debit. Rebooking fees are not charged for infants (children under 2 years old). Discounts do not apply to rebooking fees.
How can I make a booking?

You can book your flights via, on our mobile site, by app, at a travel agent's, or by calling our Service Center »

I have missed the flight – what do I do now?

If you do not appear at the check-in desk in time, you will forfeit your entitlement for transport, but you are still required to pay for the flight. Unfortunately we are unable to change or cancel your booking free of charge in such a case. You can only take a different flight if you make another booking and payment.
Exception: if your flight is booked in the FlyFlex fare category, it can still be rescheduled or cancelled free of charge, even if you have missed your check-in deadline.
Therefore please note the exact check-in deadlines » for individual departure airports.

What is an e-ticket?
For flight guests who have not booked a package tour, so-called “ticketless flying” is possible on the whole network. You will be issued with an e-ticket. Your travel data is stored electronically and made available at check-in. When you book, instead of a paper ticket you will be given a transaction number with which you identify yourself at check-in, along with your personal ID/passport and your topbonus Card (if you have one) in order to be issued with your boarding card.
How can I reserve a seat or XL seat?

Seats can be reserved via our Service Center » and travel agencies until 4 hours before the departure of the flight. You can also reserve a seat with more legroom.

Conditions depending on the fare category booked

JustFly fare: It is not possible to make a seat reservation in this fare category

FlyClassic and FlyDeal: You can find information about our current charges here »

Seat reservations are free of charge for families with infants and for the severely disabled (German disability code "B", i.e. companion pass) and an accompanying person. If you have a topbonus Card Silver/Gold/Platinum or a topbonus Service Card, seat reservations are free of charge for you, as well as for one adult travelling companion and any children under 12 travelling with you.

As a topbonus Silver Card or Service Card holder, you can reserve XL seats with a €10 discount on short and medium-haul flights or a €15 discount on long-haul flights. topbonus Gold/Platinum Card holders plus one adult companion can reserve seats free of charge.

Seat reservation is free of charge in this fare category. A fee is always charged for reserving an XL seat. For charges, please consult the table »

Please note that flights may also be operated by a code-share partner. If that is the case, please contact the airline that is operating your flight. The airline will be identified on your flight confirmation document.
Seats located next to emergency exits are subject to specific safety regulations under Community law. Please not that you may not belong to any of the following groups of persons:

  • expectant mothers
  • Infants and children (under 12 years),
  • mobility-impaired persons,
  • persons who have pets with them in the cabin.
The most reasonably priced tickets
As a rule, the further ahead you can book, the cheaper the ticket. You are also more likely to be able to buy a low-cost ticket outside the busiest times, e.g. for flights during the week. As a rule of thumb, ticket prices rise as the departure date gets closer. So if you book as early as possible you can take advantage of our low-cost fares.

We are always pleased to provide information about special offers, e.g. where additional tickets, for a short period only, are available online at absolute bargain prices.
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Can the fares be combined?

All flights in the FlyClassic, FlyDeal and FlyFlex fare categories can be combined with one another in Economy and Business Class. There is no minimum stay. Please note the entry and residence regulations for your destination. You will find further details here ».
Applicable to the JustFly fare category: combining an outward or return flight in the JustFly fare category with a second flight in one of the other fare categories on the same booking is not permitted.

Is there a service charge on my booking?

There are no handling fees for online bookings made via and on bookings made via app or via the mobile site Customers who have a German, Austrian or Dutch bank account can pay by direct debit. A payment charge of €9.50 per person is levied on credit card payments and payments made through PayPal. If payment is made through the airberlin Service Center or at the ticket desk, a service charge of €20 per person is levied. These regulations do not apply to individuals who require assistance because of mental or physical disabilities or to unaccompanied children.

topbonus Gold and Platinum Card holders benefit from a reduced ticket service charge of €10 per person if they book by phone using our Gold or Platinum Service  (instead of €20 per person for bookings made via the regular airberlin or topbonus Hotline).

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