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Free baggage allowance

The free baggage allowance for checked baggage is defined by the piece concept. The free baggage allowances included in the ticket price vary, depending on the fare and service class booked and the destination. Overview of fare conditions »

For children under 2 years of age (infants) the baggage allowance is one bag weighing up to 23 kg, regardless of the service class. Children aged between 2 and 11 years have the same baggage allowances as adults.

Except in JustFly: no checked baggage is included in this fare category but can be added to your booking here » or by calling our Service Center » up to 4 hours prior to departure. You can, of course, transport buggies/pushchairs, child car seats and carry cots for children under 12 years at no extra charge.

Information about the free baggage allowance for holders of a topbonus Card Service/Silver/Gold/Platinum »

Cabin baggage

A single item of hand baggage may not exceed 8kg (10kg with laptop) and dimensions may not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 23cm.

baggage_teaser1.jpgPassengers who have chosen the JustFly, FlyDeal or FlyClassic fare categories can take one item of hand baggage on board with them. Overview of fare conditions »

baggage_teaser2.jpgCustomers in the FlyFlex/FlyFlex fare category, Business Class passengers and holders of topbonus Gold or Platinum Cards1  may also carry a second item of hand baggage.

In addition one of the following items (max. 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm; 2 kg) may be taken into the cabin free of charge:

  • a laptop case
  • a lady’s handbag, a lady’s purse or a gentlemen’s handbag

In addition, the following items may be carried if the passenger is dependent on them: a wheelchair (to be handed in at the gate), a pair of crutches and/or walking aids, other prostheses, a doctor’s bag.

There are baggage gauges available at the airport for all passengers to check the size of their hand baggage. Adherence to the hand baggage regulations is strictly enforced. Since the space available on board for hand baggage is limited, you may be asked, for your own safety, to check in your hand baggage if the aircraft is filled to capacity. 

Please be aware of the increased security checks on flights to the US. Electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops in particular are subject to an operational check. Devices which are not fully functional may not be carried by passengers entering the US.

If one of your flights is operated by one of airberlin's airline partners, the hand baggage allowance is subject to the terms and conditions of that particular airline.

We recommend that passengers carry valuables, medication, perishable or fragile items in their cabin baggage. The information concerning limitation of liability as detailed in the booking confirmation also applies. In addition please refer to our General terms and conditions of business »

Please note the EU cabin baggage regulations » This also includes regulations for purchases from duty-free or onboard shops.

1equivalent: Etihad Gold und Gold Elite sowie oneworld Sapphire und Emerald Status

Prohibited articles

As a rule, the following articles are not permitted on board:

1. Articles that could put the aircraft, onboard equipment or persons at risk, in particular

  • explosives,
  • compressed gases, 
  • oxidising, radioactive, caustic and corrosive or magnetising substances, 
  • flammable substances, 
  • toxic or aggressive substances, 
  • any kinds of liquid, i.e. articles or substances that are classified as dangerous goods in accordance with the dangerous goods regulations.

2. Articles that are unsuitable for carriage on account of their weight, size or nature.

Passengers may not carry the following items in their cabin baggage or on their person:

  • Weapons of any kind, in particular firearms, as well as blunt or pointed/edged weapons
  • Ammunition and explosive substances of any kind 
  • Sharp objects, e.g. knives, scissors, ski poles and walking sticks 
  • Blunt instruments that can cause injury, e.g. golf clubs and snooker cues  
  • Lighters filled with lighter fluid

The following articles may only be carried in checked baggage:

  • Cutlery
  • Razor blades 
  • Toy guns and commercially available toys that could be used as a weapon 
  • Catapults 
  • Sports rackets and other sports and leisure equipment that could be used as a weapon 
  • Knitting needles 
  • Any other sharp objects, such as knives, scissors, tail combs and syringes (except for certified medical purposes)

The following items may only be carried in hand baggage:

  • Individual lithium batteries with a watt-hour rating of not more than 100 Wh for lithium-ion-batteries(rechargeable) or a lithium content of not more than 2g for lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries (non-rechargeable) as spare cells for portable electronic devices, e.g. laptops, mobile phones, watches and cameras
  • Individual (rechargeable) lithium-ion batteries with a watt-hour rating of more than 100 Wh but not exceeding 160 Wh as spare cells for battery powered equipment, e.g. commercial cameras or helicopters; maximum quantity: 2; the approval of the operator is required
  • Spare batteries must be individually protected to prevent short-circuits.

The list of prohibited articles is not final and can be added to at any time. Additional regulations may apply to certain flights. Click here » for the complete list of prohibited articles.

Furthermore national regulations, as well as the IATA dangerous goods regulations must be complied with. The airline can provide a copy of these regulations on request.


Additional and excess baggage

You will find details of our current baggage allowances in our Fare Overview »

You can find information about our current charges here »

No additional baggage can be booked for children under two years of age.

Please note that checked baggage items may not weigh more than 32 kg for reasons of security and health and safety. On flights to/from Bangkok checked baggage items may not exceed the dimensions 1m x 4m x 1m.

If you wish to check in baggage items weighing more tha 32 kg, please contact our Service Center.

Payment of excess baggage fees in USD is only possible in the USA/Canada.


Sports and special baggage

Instead of a suitcase you can also use your free baggage allowance to check in sports baggage. If the sports baggage you wish to check in exceeds the free baggage allowance included in your fare, you have the option of checking it in as a separate item of baggage under the excess baggage conditions » currently in force. Sports and special baggage must be registered in advance.

Since the space available in the cargo hold is limited, we recommend that you register your baggage well in advance.

Bookings for sports and special baggage can be made while making the online booking or subsequently up to 24 hours before departure under Optional Extras » (provided the reservation has been booked via or via our Service Center ». There you will also receive information about transporting musical instruments, oversized baggage, breakable baggage, etc.

sports baggage

Type    Advice          registration takes place up to 48 hours to take-off
Sports for persons with disabilitiesSports or racing wheelchairyes
Surfboard (with sail and mast)/Bodyboard/Kiteboard/
packed in soft case or similaryes

handlebar parallel to frame, pedals turned inwards;
packed in soft case or similar

Bicycles with electric drives (lithium/rechargeable batteries) may not be transported as sports or special baggage.

not possible
Golf equipment

E-golf trolleys
Golf bag, clubs, golf balls and shoes

Electric golf trolleys (with lithium/rechargeable batteries) may not be transported as sports or special baggage

not possible
Skis or snowboard,
ski poles and boots
Diving equipment
diving belt, empty compressed-air cylinders, diving lamps (bulb or battery must be removed)yes
Musical instruments (guitar etc.) larger than 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cmAll musical instruments whose dimensions exceed the maximum of 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm permitted for handluggage may not be taken into the cabin as handluggage. In order for it to be carried on board the cabin, a mandatory extra seat must be booked through our service centre! Yes, if larger than 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm

The charges for special baggage requiring registration are listed here »

1) only on short-haul and medium-haul flights


Carriage of pets

Pets can be carried either in the cabin or in the hold, depending on the animal's weight and size. Pets must be carried in an enclosed container that is leak-proof and escape-proof (a soft box is also possible provided it has a leak-proof base). They must have enough space to be able to stand in their normal position. They must also have space to lie down. The pet carrier must be provided by the passenger. For pet carriage charges please refer to the details below.

If you want to travel with your pet, you can book this while making the online booking or subsequently up to 48 hours before departure via Optional extras » (provided the booking was made via or at our Service Center ». As space is limited, please contact our Service-Centre before booking to find out whether there is still enough room on your preferred flight for pets to be carried in the hold.

Blind passengers can of course take their guide dog into the cabin free of charge.

Rodents and reptiles of any kind are excluded from transport. If you have any further questions, please contact our Service Centre »

Pets weighing up to 8 kg

You can take dogs and cats with you into the cabin if they are in a suitable pet carrier (max. measurements 55 x 40 x 23 cm, adequate ventilation) that weighs no more than 8 kg with contents. The animal’s head is not allowed to protrude from the pet carrier nor is the animal permitted to leave the carrier at any time during the flight. On no account are passengers allowed to place the pet carrier on a seat, not even if an additional seat has been purchased.
Due to the nature of the seats, pets cannot be carried in the business class section of the cabin.

If you are travelling with a pet in the cabin, please note that, for security reasons, you can only make a seat reservation for a window seat (subject to a fee).

Pets weighing more than 8 kg

Pets weighing more than 8 kg including the pet carrier are transported in the hold. They must also be in a suitable pet carrier. Please note that all carriers used to transport animals in the hold must have a water/feed container that can be filled from outside. The water/feed container must not be filled during the flight.

Please note that when travelling with animals to be carried in the hold, different check-in closure times apply. Please note that when travelling with animals to be carried in the hold, check-in closes 60 minutes before take-off for short and medium-haul flights and 90 minutes before take-off for long-haul flights.

The charges for transporting animals are listed here »

Legal requirements

The customer bears sole responsibility for ensuring that all legal requirements and restrictions associated with the importation and exportation of animals are met. As a general rule the passenger is liable for all damage and consequential damage caused by the animal or carriage of that animal.

Carriage of animals is governed by the IATA Live Animals Regulations, which the airline will provide on request.

On 1st October 2004 EU regulations on the veterinary conditions for the movement of pets » came into force. These regulations are designed to avoid the spread of rabies. If you wish to take your pet with you when you travel, you will need to find out about the relevant entry regulations. Please read the regulations before booking. Alternatively you can obtain information from your vet, veterinary authority or border control post.

Please note that the carriage of animals to/from certain countries is not permitted. A list of these countries is available at our FAQ »

Damaged baggage

airberlin works with the company Dolfi1920 in cases of settling claims for damaged baggage. Dolfi1920 is the leading company in Europe in this field and works on behalf of numerous international airlines. The service provided for airberlin guests includes  assessing the damaged item of baggage and deciding whether it is possible to repair the baggage item or simply replace it. In this way the claim can be settled without delay and it saves you, our customer, a great deal of time

How do I report damage?
If your baggage is damaged, please contact the local Lost and Found desk directly upon arrival in order to report the damage.

If this is not possible, please send a written complaint, within 7 days for delayed luggage or within 21 days following receipt of the baggage item, to our partner:

Dolfi 1920 GmbH
Gutleutstr. 298 a

60327 Frankfurt a.M.

Or click on the link here » to register your claim quickly and easily with our partner Dolfi 1920 GmbH.
Claims for baggage mis-routing must be made to the airline in writing within 21 days. Please use the airberlin Online Complaints form »


Damage to contents

In the event of damage to the contents, please report the damage as soon as you discover it, otherwise within 7 days of reclaiming your baggage, using the airberlin Online Complaints form »

Loss of contents

Is something missing from your checked-in baggage? The loss must be reported to airberlin immediately on discovery of the loss, alternatively within 7 days of reclaiming your baggage.   Please use the airberlin Online Complaints form »

Lost baggage

If  your baggage is lost (or misdirected), please contact the Lost and Found desk directly upon arrival in order to report your lost baggage item(s).

Baggage search

If your lost baggage is not found within 5 days, please contact our Central Baggage Tracing Office which is responsible for detailed searches after 5 days:

Baggage Express GmbH
Central Baggage Tracing Office
Gartenstr. 52
12529 Schönefeld

Fax: 4930 2016 32 827

Click on the link below to find out more about your search process:
Passengers with an AB-Reference number (airberlin) »

Have you lost or left personal items in the cabin?
If so, please contact the lost luggage or lost property office at the airport where your plane landed. If your enquiries there are unsuccessful, please contact our Central Baggage Tracing Office from the 20th of the following month under

Following verification, missing items will be replaced up to the maximum liability stated. Liability is not accepted for valuables, photographic equipment, electronic devices, documents, medication and jewellery.

Freight service

Items such as cars and motor cycles can, in principle, be carried on flights operated by the airberlin group. For information about procedure and booking please contact Leisure Cargo GmbH »




EU cabin baggage regulation »