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Choice of food on short- and medium-haul flights

sandwiches.jpg On our short- and medium-haul flights, we serve you, we serve savoury or sweet snacks from 10am. Before 10am you can choose between the popular pretzel or a warm raisin roll.

On routes with a flight time of over 60 minutes we offer an additional range of snacks for sale. Our selection includes fresh sandwiches, a fresh cheese pretzel stick and various sweet treats such as muffins and chocolate bars. For our guests who enjoy a little fine dining we also offer a range of gourmet meals created by Sansibar.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please register your choice at least 24 hours before departure via our Service Center ». For organisational reasons orders cannot be accepted at the aiport.

Choice of beverages

The choice of beverages available is also impressive.
On board, we offer you:

  • complimentary tea and coffee
  • a range of other complimentary soft drinks or fruit juices
  • a selection of alcoholic beverages
  • On domestic flights in Germany we serve beer, wine and sparkling wine free of charge from 2 p.m. onwards.

You will find the current prices of alcoholic beverages on short- and medium-haul flights on the drinks menu on board the aircraft.

Sansibar Gourmet Meals

On many airberlin routes where the flight time is over 60 mintues we offer you an additional choice of meals created by Sansibar:

  • freshly-prepared Gourmet meals created by Sansibar proprietor, Herbert Seckler
  • a range of specialities depending on the time of day and the season

sansibar_wein.jpgTo accompany your Gourmet meal, treat yourself to a wine from the Sansibar cellar too. Alongside a red wine from the Schneider vineyard in the Pfalz region, you have the choice between a white wine from the Robert Bauer wine cellar in France and a red or white wine produced by the Kaapzicht wine estate in the Stellenbosch district of South Africa.

There is only a limited number of Sansibar meals available on each flight for passengers who opt for this service at short notice, so it is advisable to book the Gourmet meal » you would like in advance, up to 24 hours before departure.


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