How can I prove that I am a resident in Canary Islands, Balearics or Ceuta?

All Citizens residing in Balearics, Canary Islands or Ceuta must be able to present proof of this. Therefore you must check that your resident information is correct by consulting the automatic system of the Ministry of Public Works (SARA)   If you receive a negative reply, (not confirmed), this means that you must present a Certificate of Residence at the check-in or boarding gate, together with an identification document such as a Passport or DNI (National Identity Document).

To carry out this consultation, you must enter the information exactly as it appears on the DNI or NIE, otherwise it will always give a negative result.

If your consultation about resident status has been confirmed, you do not need to present a Certificate of Residence at check-in or at the boarding gate, although it is always advisable to carry it with you.

Failure to present the corresponding documents in the case of any passengers whose resident status has not been confirmed will result in the invalidity of the discounted tickets and they will have to buy a new ticket at the full fare on that day, as set out by the Ministry.