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  • Review a hotel at HolidayCheck and receive 150 topbonus award miles
  • HolidayCheck is one of the leading review portals for travel and holidays in Europe

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150 miles for a review!

Write up to 10 hotel reviews on HolidayCheck per month and collect 150 topbonus award miles per each review. It has never been so simple to earn miles!

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Collecting miles with HolidayCheck

You receive 150 topbonus award miles at HolidayCheck for every released hotel review. You can enter your topbonus number at the end of the hotel review process. You not only collect topbonus award miles with your hotel review, but also help other travelers choose the right hotel for them.

topbonus members can collect award miles for maximum 10 reviews per month.

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Mileage credit

Retroactive mileage credit

The topbonus award miles for your review will be credited to your mileage account within 2 weeks.

Every hotel review on HolidayCheck is thoroughly checked before being released onto the website. It will take around 2 weeks from publishing your hotel review for the topbonus award miles* to be credited to your topbonus mileage account.

The topbonus award miles can be credited anytime up to 6 month after writing your review.

For retroactive mileage credit please contact

* Only applicable for reviews that have been written after 7th December 2011.

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holidaycheck_image.jpgHolidayCheck is one of the leading review portals for travel and holidays in Europe. From the first research until booking - at HolidayCheck everybody can find the perfect holiday. Over 7 million unbiased opinions from travelers help you to choose the right hotel.

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