We want your journey to be as relaxed and easy as possible. As topbonus Gold or Platinum card holder you will be able to board first regardless of which boarding group is noted on your boarding card.

[toggle-image]Terms and Conditions

  • Regardless of which boarding group you have been allocated to you can also enjoy Pre-Boarding
    on bus boardings, too.
  • Please note that this service is available at select airports only.
  • Once Pre-Boarding has been completed passengers will be invited to board according to the boarding group printed on their boarding card.
  • This offer is valid for holders of a topbonus Gold and Platinum Card, an adult companion and children under 12 traveling on a jointly booked flight.
  • Please note that your topbonus status must be valid at the time you use the service (i.e. you need a valid status card at the time of travel).