Silver Bonus


With airberlin and NIKI you can also get a 20% bonus on all status and award miles collected on flights with airberlin and NIKI. The new Silver bonus makes it easier to keep your Silver status and you are automatically one step closer to Gold status.


  • The Silver Bonus is only applicable to standard miles earned on flights, and not to bonus miles, such as those awarded under "My Route" or mileage special offers.
  • This benefit is only available on flights marketed by airberlin or NIKI (i.e. flights with an airberlin (AB) or NIKI (HG) flight number), which are eligible for mileage credit. The Silver Bonus advantage applies to all completed flights in all airberlin tariff categories.
  • Only available to topbonus members with Silver status.
  • Please note that your topbonus status must be valid at the time you use the service (i.e. you need a valid status card at the time of travel).