My Route

Do you fly a certain route on a regular basis? As holder of a topbonus Silver, Gold or Platinum Card you are rewarded with double award miles when you fly your favourite route within Europe - both ways. This makes collecting miles twice as much fun – and you reach your award goal even faster.

Select your favourite route in your personal topbonus profile » and top up your mileage account with double the miles.


  • The Silver, Gold or Platinum status is required.
  • "My route" is only valid for nonstop flights (return) offered by airberlin and NIKI.
  • No additional promotional offers (e.g. double miles promotion) can be combined with "My route".
  • The offer is only valid for national routes and routes within Europe and North Africa/Middle East. It is not subject to automatic renewal in the event of a change in status.
  • If you frequently fly a particular route with connecting flights, you can set this part of your journey to "My route".
  • Please note, that "My route" is only valid for the duration of your current Silver, Gold or Platinum status and can only be renewed or changed after a status extension or status upgrade.
  • If the chosen route is discontinued a new route may be selected.
  • Please note that certain routes are seasonal only and are not served the whole year round.
  • "My route" must be valid at the time of flying, for the additional miles to be credited. It is not possible to credit miles for a retroactively selected route.
  • The extra miles apply to standard miles and not to promotion miles that you earn e.g. with the Gold or Silver Bonus.
  • The extra miles awarded in connection with the "My Route" benefit apply to flights booked in the fare categories JustFly, FlyClassic and FlyFlex, as well as to flights booked in Business Class.
  • Please note that your topbonus status must be valid at the time you use the service (i.e. you need a valid status card at the time of travel).