Additional services for package holiday passengers

Have you booked your NIKI flight as part of a package holiday with a holiday company, at a travel agent or on a travel website? In this area you can register or reserve the following additional services:

  • Seat reservation
  • Transporting pets
  • Sports equipment or other additional baggage
  • submit APIS/Secue flight data if required

    It's as easy as this:
  1. Enter the travel and passenger details on your booking confirmation.
  2. Select the services you require.
  3. Pay conveniently with your credit card or by direct debit.

[toggle-image]   Note: Cancellation or booking amendment

If you amend your planned trip any additional services you have booked (such as seat reservation, pet transport or special reservations) must be amended with airberlin before your travel date by phone or in writing with airberlin, quoting your booking number. The General Terms of Business and General Booking Terms of airberlin apply.

1.jpg Details of your travel company

Please enter the name of the company and your transaction or booking number:

You will find the name of your travel company on the booking confirmation from your travel office or travel agent.

2.jpg Travel details

Please enter the travel details of your booking:

Outbound flight

Flight No*
delete row

Return flight

Flight No*
delete row

If you have booked connecting flights, please enter the details for each flight separately. Enter the flight number including the abbreviation AB or HG.

The additional services provided by our airline partners are not available to their full extent online, but you are welcome to  book them through our Service Center.

Pax Passenger details

Enter the names of all the passengers on your booking for whom you want to book services:

PAX type/Title*
Date of Birth*
delete row

Please adopt the spelling from your booking confirmation.
Are you travelling with children and/or babies? Please specify
this to obtain a seat reservation!
In this case, you must also state the date of birth of every passenger.

* Mandatory fields