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At airberlin, you'll quickly find cheap flights to Italy departing several times a day from all the major German airports. The country is not purely a tourist Mecca either; In the north, you will find the major cities and Italy's economic center with its thriving and internationally renowned automotive industry. airberlin has some great deals on flights to Italy for leisure and business travelers alike with a comprehensive onboard service included in the extremely low prices.

Cheap flights to Italy: Experience the Mediterranean way of life on endless stretches of coastline

Italy has over seven thousand kilometers of beautiful coastline, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, cultural diversity, and exceptional cuisine, not to mention warm and welcoming people. It's hardly surprising that the country is a highly popular tourist destination, particularly among Germans. From north to south, Italy couldn't be more diverse; the snowy Alps to the north, for instance, are a perfect contrast to the fiery volcanoes in Sicily to the south. In the regions in between, you will find breathtaking lakes and fascinating cities, such as Florence, Rome, Venice, and Naples, each with their own rich and unique history and a wealth of cultural attractions to explore. If you want to discover everything this wonderful country has to offer, you'll find great deals on flights with airberlin. Explore Italy without breaking the budget.

Weather for Rome-Fiumicino

18° C 18 Apr 2014
20° C 19 Apr 2014
20° C 20 Apr 2014
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