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My Booking

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You have booked a flight with NIKI? You can access and manage your flight booking here.

    additional services for your flight
Book the seats of your choice
or additional baggage here.
Add-APIS-and-Secure-Flight-data-here.    Secure Flight / APIS Data 
If APIS and Secure Flight data
are required for your flight, you can
add the information
Use-our-Web-Ckeck-in-service-here.     Web Check-In
Simply check in online between
30 hours and 45 minutes
before departure.
Your-rebooking-can be-done-here.
You can change your flight
details online up until two
hours before departure.

Service Accommodation Requests: Requests for service accommodations can be made at the conclusion of the booking process or by entering your name and booking number below.  

We look forward to welcoming you on board in the near future.

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