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Plane Travel Made Easy

Useful Hacks for
a Relaxed Flight

Congratulations! You have booked your flight, and can now look forward to your vacation and all the adventures that lie ahead of you. Booking a trip, however, is only the first step. Planning your trip well is what will really turn your travels into a great experience. These simple travel hacks will help you organize the details of your flight, so you can focus on what really matters – relaxing and having fun.

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Getting to the Airport

A well-organized trip starts with asking the right questions before your flight. What is the best way to get to the airport? What goes into your checked bag and what should you put in your carry-on? How can you prepare for your day of travel by eating healthily?

Die Anreise

Tip 1

Choose the right transportation

It’s always better to buffer in more time for getting there than it is to not have enough. Traffic jams or late trains won’t bother you if you head to the airport early. You might also want to plan a route B or an alternative train connection to the airport, just to be on the safe side.

If you live very far away from the airport, or if your flight leaves early in the morning, spending a night in a hotel close to the airport will spare you from having to get up really early, or from having to drive really far the day of your trip. Keep in mind that there also might not be a suitable connection to the airport by public transport at certain hours.

Tip 2

Schedule in waiting time

Most check-in counters close 30 to 60 minutes before departure, which is why you should leave enough time for getting to the airport. As a rule of thumb, you can calculate about two hours for checking in, checking your luggage, going through security and getting to your gate. Budget in extra time during vacation periods, as there are usually more travelers at the airport at these times.

Tip 3

Take advantage of the late-night check-in

With our late-night check-in, you can check all your luggage and reserve a seat the night before your flight. For this, everybody in your travel party has to be present and carry the required documents (ID or passport and flight documents). There is an exception for families with children and spouses: one adult family member can do the check-in for everybody. By checking in the night before, you avoid waiting in line at the check-in counter the next day, and you can move on to security quickly.

Tip 4

Check in online

Starting either 24 or 30 hours before your flight, we offer you the possibility to check in online. With the online check-in you can print your boarding pass comfortably at home, or you can have it sent to your smart phone or email address.

If you fly with checked luggage, you can then simply leave it at the baggage drop-off counters at the terminal. If you are travelling only with carry-on luggage, you can go straight to security.

Tip 5

Double-check your flight time the night before

Each flight’s departure time is sent to travelers along with confirmation of their reservation. Of course, we also inform you about changes via email or text message. You can also double-check the flight times on our website.

Tip 6

Weigh your luggage

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when checking your luggage, we recommend weighing and measuring your bags – checked bags and carry-ons – at home. With us, a checked bag can weigh up to 50 lbs in economy and up to 70 lbs in business class.

In addition, you are also allowed to take a personal item on board. The personal item cannot be heavier than 17 lbs, and should not exceed the measurements of 21.6” x 15.7” x 9”.

Our tip: If you forgot to weigh your hand luggage or if you are not sure about the requirements any more, you can use the bag measuring cages in the check-in area to verify your measurements.

Tip 7

Make a travel checklist

Before you start packing your suitcase, make a travel checklist. Write down which items need to go into the suitcase or with the hand luggage. On this list, you should also include all sanitary items which you might need before take-off. You can also write down which things you need to check on before leaving your house, such as turning off the stove, setting the temperature control, or locking the doors.

Convenient side effect: if you ask yourself during the flight if you have closed all the windows, you just need to look at your list to be sure.

Tip 8

Wear comfortable clothes

Choose what to wear during your flight the night before. Your travel clothes can be comfortable and casual. Why not wear your favorite comfy outfit? This way you can also make sure that no tight jeans are squeezing your stomach – something you definitely want to avoid if flying makes you nervous.

Keep in mind that it can be cooler on the plane than outside. Wear multiple layers to be prepared for any type of temperature.

Tip 9

Get a good night’s sleep

Coffee, energy drinks or alcohol can have mood-enhancing effects on you before the flight. However, this is the opposite of what you need at night before your flight if you want to start the day of your trip full of energy and with a clear head. Healthy food, a tasty tea and light snacks can help you to stay fit during your trip.

At the Airport

Once at the airport, there are three important stops: checking in, the security check and the gate. At the check-in counter you check your bags and receive your boarding passes. At the security checks, TSA employees make sure that passengers aren’t carrying any dangerous substances or items on the plane. Finally, from the gate, you get to board the plane.

Die Zeit am Flughafen
Die Zeit am Flughafen

Tip 10

If in a time crunch, ask other travelers and employees for help

If, despite thorough planning, you are running late, ask other passengers at the check-in counters if they can let you go in front of them. The same goes, of course, for the security check. Most airports have special “fast lanes” meant for travelers who have to get to their gates fast. Don’t hesitate to ask the airport employees— they are happy to help you.

Tip 11

Travelers with physical disabilities will get help

People with impaired mobility, who need longer to walk than others, should ask for help as soon they book the flight. Or, at the latest, when you check in, let people know that you need help to get to your gate in time.

In the European Union it is mandatory for all airports to offer such a gate service. The service could include, for example, electric carts that can drive passengers to their gates and save them a lot of time and hassle.

Tip 12

Check your hand luggage before getting to security

For everybody’s safety, passengers have to submit to a security check before boarding. Here, they are checked for items or substances that are not allowed on planes. For instance, you can only take liquids in special containers that can carry a maximum of 2.8 U.S. fl. oz.. All containers must be kept in a sealed plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 30.4 U.S. fl. oz.. Products such as drinks, perfumes and lotions are considered liquids.

As far as sanitary items are concerned, it depends on the individual item if you are allowed to take it in your hand luggage or not. Metal nail files or nail clippers will most likely be confiscated. If you don’t want to go on vacation without these items, you should put them in your checked luggage.

Tip: You can speed up the security check if you check your hand luggage and bags in advance, and if you already start taking off your belt and jewelry, and emptying your pockets while you wait in line.

Die Zeit am Flughafen

On the Plane

After you have checked in and have gotten through security successfully, you get to the nicest part of your trip:
your time on board!

Tip 13

Choose the right seat

The right seat choice can really pay off, especially for tall people. For a small fee, you can secure the seat of your choice, in the first row, in an aisle seat or at the emergency exit for more leg space.

With us, you can reserve these seats up to four hours before departure. Depending on your personal preference, you can decide whether you want an aisle seat or a window seat. Do you prefer getting up several times during the flight to stretch your legs, or would you rather enjoy the view from the window?

The front rows are usually very popular because they are quieter, since there is less noise from the engines than in the back. In the middle of the plane is where you feel turbulence the least. Aisle seats make you feel less confined, and you can get up any time.

Tip 14

Pressure on the ears

Especially during take-off and landing, some passengers will feel the difference in pressure as an unpleasant pressure on their ears. A piece of chewy candy or chewing gum can help. If you chew or keep swallowing, your ears will “pop” free on their own.

If you have a cold though, these simple tricks might not be enough to free your ears. Just use some nose spray during take-off and landing. This reduces the swelling in your nasal passages, and makes it easier to equalize.

Tip 15

Stay hydrated

Make sure to drink a lot of water or juice during the flight, especially during long trips because the air conditioning on planes makes the air particularly dry. After you go through security you can buy drinks at the airport that you can then take on board with you. Of course, we also regularly offer you drinks during the flight.

Alcoholic beverages will not help against dry airways. In fact, you should be careful about how much you drink: alcohol can actually have a stronger effect on you t in the air than on the ground because in the air, your blood vessels are widened, and the alcohol can get into your blood faster.

Tip 16

Stretch your legs

Get your blood circulation going and avoid swollen legs by getting up from your seat once an hour to stretch your legs. Clothes can help with that, too. Don’t be afraid to wear comfortable clothes.

Tip 17

Sleeping mask and ear plugs

For a long flight, we recommend packing a sleeping mask and ear plugs with your hand luggage. They can help you tune out your surroundings and get some rest.

Tip 18


If you can’t sleep on the plane, there are many entertainment options. During long-distance flights for example to New York we offer our passengers our in-seat entertainment system. You can put together your own entertainment program from our wide selection of movies and series.

Obviously, you are more than welcome to use smart phones or tablets in flight mode during the flight. Make sure to pack your charger with your hand luggage. Depending on the flight, you might be able to charge your mobile device during the flight. Classics, such as board games, books or travel guides can also make for some great distraction during the flight. Don’t forget the stuffed animals and toys for your children.

Im Flugzeug

Special Feel-Good Tips for a Relaxed Flight

Personen einweihen

Tip 1

Confide in others

If traveling on a plane gives you the jitters, it can help to confide in others. This could be a flight attendant or the person in the seat next to you. In moments that are difficult for you, these people will be understanding, and they can distract you or calm you down.


Tip 2

Relaxation Exercises

Some simple exercises can help you relax during a flight. When doing a breathing exercise, for example, you inhale and exhale deeply. After only a few repetitions of this you will notice how it relaxes you. Sitting up straight with your feet resting on the ground can also help.

For a quick relaxation exercise, tense up all your muscles at the same time, hold for about five seconds, and then release the tension. This will help you relax immediately.


Tip 3


If you prefer being by yourself during a flight, distraction can help. Take you favorite music or your favorite book with you on the plane, so you can look forward to them, even before the flight. Listening to or reading something familiar puts your mind in a relaxed comfort zone.


Tip 4


Positive thoughts can get you into a happy travel mood. Think about all the wonderful things that will happen to you during your vacation – and there won’t even be space for any other thoughts.

Während des Fluges essen

Tip 5

Eat during the flight

It is important to eat and drink enough during the flight. We recommend light meals that calm your stomach, because a full stomach is a happy stomach. Of course, drinking fluids is important as well – preferably water.

Sich selbst belohnen

Tip 6

Reward yourself

After conquering your fear of flying and reaching your travel destination, reward yourself. Treat yourself to a special excursion that you might have not taken otherwise or simply do something nice for yourself. The positive thoughts that you have while thinking about this reward will motivate you and distract you from your fears.

Plan your Trip,
Enjoy Your Vacation

We hope these travel hacks can help you when planning your next vacation or business trip for example to Berlin with us. The better you plan your trip and the more time you allow yourself at the airport, the more relaxed you will start your trip.

airberlin wishes you a pleasant flight!