How do I get the travel documents?

The invoice you received after completing your booking is also your booking confirmation.

Your invoice/booking confirmation is sent to the email address you provided during the booking process. 

You can request an invoice later on for all flights booked on; to do this, go to My Bookings».

How can I pay for the flight?

By credit card: UATP/AirPlus, American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa. 

By PayPal (not available in all currencies; not in combination with prepaid car rentals; not in combination with the "Get 72-hour fixed price" option). 

All flights guests may use this service, provided they have a German account with Postbank, Sparkasse, Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank, also comdirect, DKB and other regional banks.

Fast and secure. No second account and no registration. 

How can I make a booking?

You can book your flights via, on our mobile site, by app, at a travel agent's, or by calling our Service Center »

I have missed the flight – what do I do now?

You may be denied boarding if you do not present yourself at check-in on time. Nevertheless, you will be required to pay the price of the flight. In these cases we are unable to rebook or cancel without charge. You may only switch to a later flight if you book and pay for this flight.

If you have booked Economy Flex (or FlyFlex+ before 12/7/2016) or Business Flex (or FlyFlex before 12/7/2016), you can also rebook or cancel free of charge if you miss check-in.
Please check the exact times at which check-in closes » in the individual airports.

Can the fares be combined?

All fares can be combined with one another freely, apart from the Economy Flex fare. (A Flex fare may only be combined with another Flex fare.)

Is there a service charge on my booking?

Online bookings at and bookings via app or the mobile website will not incur a handling fee.  Except when paying by giropay, a payment charge will be incurred. This will depend on your itinerary and is calculated according to zones. Overview of charges »

On domestic flights in Germany, persons requiring assistance and who are in possession of a Disability Identity Card marked 'B' (constant accompaniment) and their companion are exempted from this regulation.

topbonus Gold and Platinum Card holders benefit from a reduced ticket service charge of €10 per person if they book by phone using our Gold or Platinum Service  (instead of €20 per person for bookings made via the regular airberlin or topbonus Hotline).

What are short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul flights?

airberlin distinguishes between short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul flights.

Short-haul and medium-haul flights comprise flights to the following destinations:

All domestic German and European flights, including the Russian Federation to the west of the Urals and Caucasus, flights between Europe and northern Africa (Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lybia) / Israel / Turkey / Cyprus / the Canary Islands / the Azores & Madeira.

Long-haul flights
comprise flights to the following destinations:

Flights between Europe and the parts of the Russian Federation to the east of the Urals / Central Asia / South-East Asia / the Far East / the Pacific / North, Central or South America / the Caribbean Isles / Central Africa / the south of Africa / the eastern Mediterranean region (Syria, Lebanon) / the Gulf States / Iraq / Iran.

What is the latest time for last minute booking?

You can book on the Internet, by app, or via our mobile site up until two hours prior to departure. If you wish to make bookings at shorter notice, you need to call our Service Center », use the airberlin desk at the airport or book with a travel agency.

What is the breakdown of airberlin prices?

Within the airberlin booking process, the gross fare per person is displayed after the flight has been selected. This fare is made up of the net price of the flight, taxes and fees, including the fuel surcharge and Air Travel Tax. The gross fare is broken down separately for the outward and the return flight. The payment charge » is not yet included in this price.

Each person is liable to pay a payment charge depending on the zone and the method of payment.

The amount of aviation tax on flights departing from German airports depends on the length of the flight.

Further information about the aviation tax »
Is there a Business Class on board airberlin flights?

Yes, you can book the airberlin Business Class » on short and medium-haul routes, as well as on long-haul routes.
Please be aware that on indirect flights, there may only be Economy Class seats available on feeder flights. All other benefits of Business Class will remain unaffected.

How can I redeem an airberlin flight voucher?

airberlin flight vouchers can be redeemed online at and/or, or by calling our Service Center (local rates apply from a German landline; call charges in other countries may vary). Only one flight voucher may be used per flight booking.
If you have several flight vouchers and would like to redeem these for a single flight booking, please first combine them into a single voucher.

Combine vouchers here »

Vouchers may not be redeemed subsequent to bookings. To successfully redeem a flight voucher, the currency of the voucher and the currency selected during the booking process must be identical.

You can check the value of your flight voucher here »

What is group travel?

Group travel is a booking where at least 10 persons (not counting babies) have the same outward flight and the same return flight to/from a destination.

If you require information about prices or are making an initial enquiry, please use our contact form.  

Group bookings »

We will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

What are Preferred Seats?

Preferred Seats are available on long-haul flights in the double rows in the front section of the cabin and provide more privacy, more leg room and a faster exit.

benefits of the Preferred Seats - an overview:

  • In the first rows of the Economy Class
  • More leg room thanks to larger seat spacing
  • Faster exit
  • Provide the usual airberlin
    sitting comfort
  • Priority Boarding (Condition: Web check-in)
How can I make a seat reservation for my existing flight booking?

You can reserve a seat for a booking  you have already made for an airberlin or NIKI flight either online at My Booking » or via our Service Center » up to 4 hours before departure. This is also possible if your booking was made through a tour operator or at a travel agency.  

What benefits does my topbonus Card give me in terms of making seat reservations?
Worldwide benefits 

Classic                       Silver                         Gold                           Platinum                  
Free seat reservation »
Discounted XL seats »
Free XL seats »
Hold Seat Free »nonoyesyes


What is an open jaw flight?

With an open jaw flight the route of the outward flight is different to that of the  return flight.
There are three different types of open jaw flight:

1. The airport of departure on the outward flight is not the same at the airport of arrival on the return flight, e.g.                 
Outward flight: Dusseldorf - Palma de Mallorca
Return flight: Palma de Mallorca - Cologne/Bonn  

2. The airport of arrival on the outward flight is not the same as the airport of departure on the return flight, e.g.
Outward flight: Munich - Los Angeles
Return flight: San Francisco - Munich 

3. The airports of departure and arrival on both the outward and return flights are different, e.g.
Outward flight: Nuremberg - Copenhagen
Return flight: Oslo - Munich

How do I book an open jaw flight with airberlin?

It is easy and convenient to book an open jaw flight with airberlin on our website. Under "Booking" select the option "Open jaw flight" and enter the routes of your choice for your outward and return flights in the search box.
Click on Search for flights »

What is the "72-hour-fare guarantee!" option?

Selected flights come with the "Get the 72-hour fixed price!" option when booking flights online. It means you receive the full ticket price reimbursed if you cancel the tickets within 72 hours of booking; you will only be charged the Kosten in the "Get the 72-hour fixed price!" option. These costs are also charged if the booking is not cancelled. Go to My Booking » to cancel your booking. 

The "Get the 72-hour fixed price!" option is bookable up to 10 days before departure. The "72-hour option" is not available on special offers.

Additional information can be found at»

How can I purchase an airberlin flight voucher?

airberlin flight vouchers can be purchased online »

Select the amount required and the image of your choice and add a short personal message to your airberlin flight voucher. The flight voucher can be sent by email or printed out.

airberlin flight vouchers become valid once payment is made and remain valid for three years from the date of purchase.

What can I do if I've forgotten my booking number?

Please enter here your surname, flight number, departure date and the email address you provided at the time of booking, you can request your booking number to be sent to you again.
It is not possible to send the number to a different email address.
Please note that this service is only available to a limited extent on bookings made through service providers such as travel agencies or tour operators.

What is the difference between a flight voucher and a discount coupon?

Flight vouchers are accepted as a method of payment and can be purchased » and offered as gifts, for example. Discount coupons are codes which you receive as part of a promotional offer. These give a reduction in the net fare and are governed by certain conditions.

How do I redeem a discount coupon?

Discount coupons, which you have acquired as part of a promotional offer, can only be redeemed at ». There you are given the option of entering one or more discount codes and then starting the booking process. It is not possible to enter the discount code during the booking process.

Why was my credit card charged twice?

Information on withheld amounts with debit cards

If you have made your booking with a debit, credit or Visa Electron card, your card may be temporarily charged twice. Along with the total amount for the booking, there is also a charge for the total amount of the flight ticket. This withheld amount on your account, over which airberlin has no control, should be automatically re-credited to your account within 10 days. This relates to an agreement in Spain between the banks and the payment card issuers.

What is the reason behind this?

airberlin undertakes pre-authorisation during the booking process as security for the card. This should ensure that the account has sufficient credit for the flight ticket and that the card has not been blocked or stolen. As soon as the requested amount is authorised, the ticket can be issued and the actual amount for the corresponding booking can be charged to the card. At this moment the banks’ systems are able to immediately release the withheld amount.

airberlin exquisite - Frequently Asked Questions

airberlin exquisite is an auction for Business Class upgrades and free seats next to you in Economy Class.

You have the chance to bid on an upgrade to Business Class up to 72 hours before your departure. You determine the price! You'll find out whether your bid was successful up to 12 hours before your departure.

We also offer the opportunity to bid for one or more free adjacent seats in Economy. Take advantage of the comfort and extra privacy.

You can bid on an upgrade here » or find further information.

If the airberlin exquisite program is offered on your flight, we will send you an e-mail (bookings via to the e-mail address that you provided when booking. You can also submit and view your bid under My Booking » .

What is giropay?

You can pay quickly and conveniently by online bank transfer without extra charges using giropay at and enjoy the highest level of security standards.

More than 1,500 banks and savings banks offer giropay. Based on online banking principles, it enables simple, fast and secure payment through online banking transfer using PIN and TAN numbers – going directly via the booking page of

All you need is a current account with a participating bank or savings bank set up for online banking. Using giropay is basically free of charge for you as the customer and no payment charge is made for this service by either! 

How does giropay work?
  1. After choosing the flight connection you want, select payment by giropay.
  2. By entering your bank sort code you can check whether your bank offers giropay or choose another payment method.
  3. You will then be redirected to the online banking services of your own bank or savings bank.
  4. You log in here as usual with your login details.
  5. After successfully logging in, the bank transfer with all details of the purchase will be displayed automatically: invoice amount, reason for transfer and the retailer’s bank details will be included.
  6. To complete the bank transfer you then just need to enter a TAN.
  7. For your security you will receive confirmation of successful payment directly afterwards.
  8. simultaneously receives a payment guarantee from your bank or savings bank and can provide you with your ticket immediately.
What do I have to do if I want to use giropay?

To be able to pay with giropay you just need an online banking current account with a participating bank or savings bank and the appropriate login details such as PIN or TAN numbers. No additional registration is necessary for giropay. 

When can I make a seat reservation?

Seat reservations for all fares can be made for all airberlin and NIKI flights when booking online, via the Contact Centre » or in the travel agent, provided that the departure time is at least 4 hours away. You can also add a seat reservation to an existing booking online via My booking » or via our Contact Centre » up to 4 hours prior to departure. For flights operated by a codeshare partner, please contact the relevant airline for seat reservations. In your flight confirmation, you will be able to see which airline is operating your flight.

How much does it cost to make a seat reservation?

You can choose between three different seat categories on our aircraft:
Standard, preferred and XL seats. You can find an overview of related charges here »

For bookings in Economy Classic (or FlyClassic before 12/7/2016) (short and medium-haul), Economy Flex (or FlyFlex+ or FlyFlex before 12/7/2016) and Business Class, a seat reservation is already included in the ticket price.

topbonus Silver Card or Service Card holders get a discount for Standard A, Preferred and XL seats. Reservations for Standard B seats are also free. topbonus Gold or Platinum Card holders can reserve a seat in any category for themselves and an adult traveling companion and accompanying children up to 11 years free of charge.
A standard seat reservation is also free of charge for disabled persons with a corresponding B-category ID and a traveling companion.

What are the regulations concerning baggage?
On our baggage service page » you will find comprehensive information about free baggage allowance, cabin baggage, excess baggage, sports and special items of baggage. The page also contains information about the articles that are not allowed to be carried in baggage.
Damaged and lost baggage - who is the right person to contact?
Please contact the Lost & Found desk at the airport if one or more items of baggage cannot be found or are damaged on arrived.

Further information about what to do about lost or damaged baggage can be found on the Baggage service page »

What does the EU regulation on hand baggage contain?
You can find out all necessary information about EU hand baggage regulations here ».
What needs to be considered with regard to the carriage of pets?

airberlin will carry pets either in the cabin or the hold, depending on the weight and size of the animal. Please note that the relevant animal protection regulations as well as the regulations on bringing animals into and out of the countries concerned will have to be observed.

The carriage of animals is not permitted to and from the following countries:

  • Great Britain
  • Iceland
  • Jamaica
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Jordan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Sri Lanka
  • Kenya

Please note that when travelling with animals to be carried in the hold, different check-in closure times apply. These can be found in the "check-in times" overview »

Further information about the carriage of pets »

How much free baggage allowance do I have?

You can find an overview of the different fares and the associated free baggage allowances in the here ».

The free checked-baggage allowance varies according to the fare, the service class and the flight destination. The free baggage allowance is indicated during the booking process (under Additional baggage),  on your booking confirmation, or subsequently under My booking » . The free baggage allowance is specified here either by the number of pieces of baggage (so-called piece concept) or by weight (weight concept): 


Piece concept:

If your invoice and confirmation specifies "Baggage items: 1", or similar, then the piece concept applies to your flight. This assumes a baggage item with a maximum weight of 23 kg. If you have not booked directly through airberlin, then you may also see information such as "1PC"  for 1 piece (baggage item). The piece concept applies for all flights with airberlin, and most flights with our airline partners.

Example airberlin booking confirmation »

Weight concept:

If the weight concept applies for your flight,  your booking confirmation will contain information such as "20 kg". This means that the person taking the flight has a 20-kg free baggage allowance, regardless of the number of baggage items.

For topbonus Silver, Gold, Platinum or Service cardholders, special free baggage limits apply »

Can I take hand baggage that weighs more than 8 kg?

As an additional service, airberlin offers you the option to take an extra piece of hand baggage of up to 20kg on board with you for a fee ». This must not exceed the dimensions 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm and must be placed under the seat in front of you. As this service can only be offered to a maximum of 5 passengers per short and medium-haul flight, we advise you to book it as early as possible. Please contact our Service Center to do this ».

Can I transport a musical instrument in the aircraft cabin?

Yes. A musical instrument, with maximum dimensions of 86 cm x 33 cm x 19 cm (including instrument case and/or bag) and a maximum weight of 8 kg, may be transported free of charge in the aircraft cabin in place of hand baggage, provided it is registered up to 24 hours before departure by e-mailing or calling our Service Centre »  .

For larger instruments, it is mandatory to book an extra seat through our Service Centre!

They can also be transported as checked baggage.

What do I need to know about the security checks for flights to the USA?

Please be aware of the increased security checks on flights to the US. Electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops in particular are subject to an operational check. Devices which are not fully functional may not be carried by passengers entering the US.

Can I take along a piece of sports baggage instead of regular baggage?

No. Sports baggage needs to be registered separately, as its special characteristics (e.g. dimensions) mean it will take up more space in the aircraft.

What kind of baggage is classified as sports baggage?

Kite equipment, bicycles (excluding bicycles with an electric motor), golf equipment (excluding trolleys with an electric motor), ski equipment, diving equipment (with empty compressed air canisters and diving lamps with the batteries removed).

Further information »

What happens if I check in without registering my sports baggage?

Generally, we recommend that you register sports baggage in advance to be able to pay a lower price. If this registration is not performed, it will be charged as if it were excess baggage starting at 30 hours or less before departure. You will find more information on our fees here »

Why is there a price difference between registering for a piece of baggage more than 30 hours and 30 hours or less before departure?

Because the loading of the aircraft needs to be calculated in advance, there is only a limited amount of leeway available for the transportation of large pieces of baggage. Hence, we recommend that you reserve space for your sports baggage as early as possible.

I have a Service Card. Does this entitle me to take along a piece of sports baggage for free?

Yes, it is possible to do so for free. Please provide your Service Card number when registering the sports baggage.

What are the advantages of purchasing a Service Card?

By purchasing a Service Card for just 119 euros per year, you will enjoy a great deal of extras on flights operated by airberlin or NIKI, regardless of status. Benefit from price discounts from your very first flight! The topbonus Service Card not only includes a piece of baggage — it also allows the card holder to take along an additional piece of sports baggage (requires advance registration). You can find more information here »

Do I already need to pay for the sports baggage upon registration?

Yes. It is not possible to pay for the registered sports baggage at the airport.

Changing a booking and cancellation
Is it possible to change the booking?

Changes are exclusively possible online », by telephone via our Service Centre » and at the ticket office. Please note that a service charge applies to telephone changes or for changes made at the ticket counter. Rebooking is only possible if the flight has not been checked in. You can check out again yourself here » Restrictions regarding possible alternative routes are reserved.
Bookings made via or can be rebooked online until 2 hours before departure of the outbound flight. Shorter-term changes and changes to bookings not made on may be done by calling our Service Centre ». Bookings that are part of a package deal can only be changed by your organiser.
After the outbound flight, online rebooking is no longer possible. Changes are possible within the validity of the ticket (365 days).
The transfer of tickets to another person is not possible. Exceptionally, name corrections (e.g. in cases of misspellings or recent marriage) may be made by calling the Service Centre. This assumes that the flight has not yet been checked in.
Economy Light (or JustFly/FlyDeal before 12/07/2016), Economy Saver, Business Saver: changes are not possible.
Economy Classic (or FlyClassic before 12/07/2016), Business Classic: one change is possible online (provided the flight was booked on, by telephone or at the ticket counter up until the check-in deadline stated in the respective booking confirmation or viewable online under For changes, the difference to any higher fare applicable at the time of rebooking must be paid; rebooking to a lower-fare departure flight is only possible if the original fare continues to apply. In addition, a separate rebooking fee is charged according to the fee table » valid at the time of rebooking. No change fee applies for infants. It is also possible to rebook from Economy Classic to Economy Flex (or from FlyClassic to FlyFlex).
Economy Flex (or FlyFlex+/FlyFlex), Business Flex:
A rebooking is possible even after the original departure. For changes, the difference to any higher fare applicable at the time of rebooking must be paid; rebooking to a lower-fare departure flight is only possible if the original fare continues to apply. No separate rebooking fee is charged. It is not possible to rebook from an international flight to a domestic flight. The same applies to rebooking a domestic flight to an international flight, or to a domestic flight within another country; restrictions regarding possible alternative routes are reserved.
You can find more information about the fare structure here »

Can I cancel a flight?

Economy Light / Economy Classic (and JustFly/FlyDeal/FlyClassic from before 12/07/2016 ): If a booked flight is not taken or is cancelled by the passenger, the airline's compensation claim less expenses not incurred remains, unless the grounds for non-appearance or the flight being cancelled are due to the airline or to force majeure.


Economy Flex (and FlyFlex+/FlyFlex): If you cancel, the ticket will be fully refunded, (i.e. the full fare plus taxes and charges). If a flight is cancelled, which was previously booked in Economy Classic (or FlyClassic before 12/7/2016), the price element of the original Economy Classic (or FlyClassic before 12/7/2016) fare is deducted from the fare refund. Please note that the handling fee is not refundable.

- By e-mail to,
- By fax to +49 (0)30-4102 1003 or
- By letter to Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG, Service Team, Saatwinkler Damm 42-43, D-13627 Berlin. The decisive date is the date of receipt at airberlin. Go to the telephone numbers of our Service Center » in Germany and abroad.

If different fares are combined during a booking, the regulations and prices for the most restrictive fare class at the time of booking always apply to a cancellation or no-show. For partial refunds of a booking, the one-way fare available for the flight taken at the time of booking is to be used as the basis for calculating the amount to be refunded.

Here you can find information about our current charges.

More information about health requirements on starting your journey »

Until when can I rebook reserved flights online?

Bookings made at or can be changed up to 2 hours before departure provided that the ticket is still valid (365 days) and that the change is permitted under the terms and conditions of the fare category. If you've already checked in, please cancel your check-in  using the following link:

For changes at shorter notice and changes to bookings which were not made online at, please call our Service Center »

Bookings which are part of a package tour can only be changed by the tour operator/travel agent.

Can the name of a passenger be changed?

It is not possible to transfer the ticket to another person. In exceptional cases, name amendments (e. g. typos or name changes following marriage) can be made by phone via the Service Centre », provided that you have not already checked in for your flight.This requires that the flight has not yet been checked in and is operated by either airberlin or NIKI.

Are the tickets transferable?

No, our tickets are non-transferable. They are always assigned to a specific person, who must identify themselves at the check-in desk by means of a valid photo ID such as an identity card or passport, along with the booking number.

Participant names in all fare categories can be changed before departure of the first leg of the route.
More information on changing a member's name »

How can I cancel my flight if I have taken the "72-hour-fare guarantee!" option?

If you have booked using the "72-hour-fare guarantee!" option, you can simply cancel your booking free of charge online via My Booking ». You then receive a confirmation of cancellation.

Check-in and Web Check-in
Does airberlin offer an online check-in facility and other e-services?
airberlin offers you a variety of convenient e-services to make your check-in easier. Go to our service page Check-in & e-Services » to read precisely how to check in for your airberlin flight, for instance using web check-in or mobile check-in.
Can I check in the evening before?

We offer an evening check-in » on some flights. For detailed information about the individual airports and services please refer to the airberlin Airport Guide »


Note:The Evening Check-in is only available on flights operated by airberlin, NIKI or Belair. Customers flying with codeshare partners are asked to contact the operating airline for information.

Who cannot use the web check-in?
  • Flight guests whose first flight in the booked connection to their destination is not operated by the airberlin group
  • Flight guests in a group booking with more than 11 persons cannot use the booking number to check in (they must use the personal ticket number)
  • Children travelling alone
What types of boarding pass are available using the Web Check-in service?

In the penultimate step of the web check-in you decide the form in which your boarding card will be sent to you. You can choose from the following:

Boarding card in PDF format for downloading

You download your boarding pass as a PDF file and print it out on standard printing paper in A4 format.

Note: A boarding card opened in PDF format on a mobile phone cannot be used for boarding.

Boarding card in PDF format by email (print@home)

You receive your boarding pass as a PDF attachment to an email sent to the address of your choice and print the page out on standard printing paper in A4 format.

Note: A boarding card opened in PDF format on a mobile phone cannot be used for boarding.

SMS with link to mobile boarding card

You will be sent an SMS to the mobile number you have entered with a link which takes you to your mobile boarding card. You save this and/or open it for boarding. This requires an internet-enabled mobile phone. The really practical feature of this is that there is no need to print it out.

Mobile boarding card by email

You will receive your mobile boarding card in the form of a barcode as an email attachment which will be sent to an address you enter. You can then open this for boarding. This requirements email reception using an internet-enabled mobile phone. The really practical feature of this is that there is no need to print it out. The email contains a link. Follow the link to save your boarding pass in your passbook. 

Mobile boarding pass via MMS for topbonus status customers

You will receive your mobile boarding card in the form of a barcode by MMS which will be sent to a mobile phone number you enter. You can then open this for boarding. The really practical feature of this is that there is no need to print it out.

Please note that a mobile phone number on a German or Austrian mobile phone network is required for this service.

As a result of official restrictions at the departure and/or destination airport the mobile boarding card cannot be provided for all routes.

Collect your boarding card at the airport

You will be given your boarding card at the airport up to the check-in closure time at the airberlin check-in desk. Alternatively you can print our your boarding card up to 45 minutes before your planned departure at one of the quick check-in machines at the airport terminal.

How does boarding work at the airport?

Boarding is carried out by groups, which are called to the boarding gate one by one by airline staff. You can find your group on your boarding pass.

When boarding, swipe your (mobile) boarding pass against the scanner. Please note that you will need to show your valid personal identity document when boarding. Please have this ready together with your boarding pass.

Where is it not possible to use the Web Check-in service?

Web Check-in is possible for nearly all airberlin routes. At a few airports, the check-in system used by airberlin is not yet supported, or there are official requirements that do not allow Web Check-in.

For flights executed by our codeshare partners, both Web Check-in as well as check-in at the counter are handled by the codeshare partner.

No Web Check-in is possible at the following airports:

Egypt                                                Luxor (LXR)
Denmark        Billund (BLL)
DeutschlandMemmingen (FMM)
La Romana (POP)
Dominican Republic                       Puerto Plata (PUJ)
CosovoPristina (PRN)
CroatiaDubrovnik (DBV)
KroatienSplit (SPU)
CubaVaradero (VRA), Havanna (HAV)
MoroccoAgadir (AGA)
MoroccoMarrakech (RAK)
MacedoniaSkopje (SKP)
SwitzerlandGeneva (GVA)
CyprusLarnaca (LCA)
Is it possible to reprint your Web Check-in boarding pass?

After successfully retrieving your booking via Web Check-in you can download a new version of your boarding pass or we can dispatch it to you. Alternatively you can collect your boarding card at the airport up to the check-in » closure time at the desk.

Where can I drop off my baggage if I checked in online?

Any baggage other than your hand baggage can be left at the baggage drop-off or check-in desk before boarding.

Please note that the check-in closing times » are in force for leaving baggage.

What is needed for the security check with a Web Check-in boarding pass?

There are no special rules for the security checks. You show your (mobile) boarding card and your identification document.

How do I find out which is the departure gate for my flight with a Web Check-in boarding pass?

The gate is shown on your boarding card. Since the gate may be changed without notice, you should check this information on the display board in the airport.

How does seat selection work using the Web Check-in service?

If you have booked a seat reservation, your reserved seats will be shown at the Web Check-in. You can change them and switch to other available seats. If you are changing to a seat in the same category then this is of course free of charge. If you haven't booked a seat reservation in advance, our system will automatically allocate you a seat.

This selection can be changed, and you can switch to another available seat. Depending on the type of fare you booked, this can be done for a fee or at no cost. More detailed information on the terms of the different types of fares can be found in our fare overview. Passengers travelling together will be automatically seated together where possible.

However, this is only possible if there are still adjacent seats available on the aircraft at the time of Check-in. Therefore, we recommend that you check in as early as possible. You can use the Web Check-in from 30 or 24 hours (depending on the route) before departure using, our mobile site ( or the airberlin app.

Is it possible to cancel a Web or mobile Check-in?

Yes, if you checked in online or via mobile check-in, you can cancel check-in. Please note that this is only possible if you have not checked in any baggage and online check-in is still open.

Under which circumstances is it not possible to cancel your check-in yourself?

If you have already checked in baggage or your flight departs in less than 45 minutes (180 minutes to/from the US), check-in can no longer be cancelled.

Why can't I save my boarding pass in Wallet?

You can also create a Wallet boarding card during web check-in if you are not using the arberlin iPhone app. Simply send an email with the boarding card to your mobile phone and then click on the link "Save boarding card in Wallet".

Where is it not possible for mobile boarding passes to be used?

You can use a mobile boarding card on your smartphone on many airberlin routes.

At a few airports, the scanners required to read mobile boarding cards are not available or there are official regulations preventing the use of mobile boarding cards.

Using a mobile boarding card is not possible when departing from the following airports:    

Abu Dhabi (AUH)
Antalya (AYT)
Billund (BLL)
Catania (CTA)
Faro (FAO)
Hurghada (HRG)

Kaliningrad (KGD)
Keflavik (Reykjavik) (KEF)
Luxor (LXR)
Mahon (Menorca) (MAH)
Marsa Alam (RMF)
Moskow (DME)
Palermo (PMO)
Phuket (HKT)
Sharm el Sheikh (SSH)
St. Petersburg (LED)
Tel Aviv (TLV)


My connecting flight is operated by another airline. Can I use Web Check-in anyway?

If you have booked an airberlin group flight with a connecting flight from one of the airlines listed below, it is possible to use Web Check-in for these flights.

The check-in deadline of the first airberlin group flight is 30 hours before departure. On flights to and from the United States, and to Cuba, this is 24 hours before departure.   

If your connecting flight is operated by an airline that is not listed here, you cannot use the airberlin Web Check-in for this leg of the journey.


Jet Airways


Aegean Airlines


American Airlines


Air France






British Airways


Air Baltic


China Airlines


Cathay Pacific




Etihad Airways


Ethiad Regional


Bulgaria Air


Air Seychelles


Hainan Airlines




Meridiana fly


TAM Airlines 


Japan Airlines


Air Serbia




Korean Air






El Al


Malaysia Airlines




Czech Airlines


MIAT Mongolian Airlines




Bangkok Airways


Ukraine International Airlines




Qatar Airways


Royal Jordanian


Siberia Airlines




Small Planet Airlines


SATA International


TAP Portugal


SriLankan Airlines 


Air Europa


Virgin Australia


Vietnam Airlines

Where can I find a summary of my existing bookings?

If you have booked your flight via the topbonus & Comfort log-in section on, then you will find a list of all of your booked flights under My bookings » . Information on the topbonus & Comfort log-in and the benefits of our topbonus loyalty programme can be found at here ».

Have you booked online and wish to add on optional extras such as our gourmet meals, make a seat reservation or register sports equipment or animals? To book optional extras » .

Is there an onboard service?

The airberlin onboard service varies depending on the length of the flight. We have put together an overview », which gives you all the important information

Does arberlin offer travel insurance?

Yes, it is possible to book travel insurance from our partner Hanse Merkur during your booking on or via our Service Center ». In addition to trip cancellation protection, HanseMerkur also offers the perfect travel insurance package that includes baggage insurance as well as travel health insurance.
For an overview of the insurance products and services, please click here ».

How can I get help with technical problems?
If you experience technical problems, please tell us by completing our contact form »
How to download airberlin’s timetable?
You can select a number of routes and travel months to create your personal flight timetable » and save this as a PDF file. You can check up-to-date information about flight times and connections in the booking system.

Is there a special service for businesses?
airberlin offers corporate customers individual, flexible fares that are tailored exactly to their requirements. Please contact:

Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG
Corporate Service
Tel.: +49 (0)30-3434 2150
Where can I get information about airberlin as a company?
The Corporate Profile » page provides information about airberlin as a company, about our partner airlines, as well as the social and environmental commitment. You will also find an interactive journey through time with the highlights in airberlin's history.
Where can I find more information out about my destination?
Our Travel Service » page includes a free travel guide with plenty of useful information, tips and detailed maps. You can download and print out the travel guide as a PDF document.

The Airport Guides » provide information about airberlin’s major departure and destination airports. Here you will find details about check-in desks, how to get to the airport, about car parks and service facilities in the terminals, as well as links that provide further information.
Where can I sign up for the airberlin newsletter?

The airberlin newsletter keeps you informed about special offers », promotions and the latest company news ». It also includes attractive prize draws and offers from our partners.

Click here to subscribe to the airberlin newsletter » for free.
How can I apply to work at airberlin?

You can find out about current job vacancies at airberlin on our Career portal » .
If you are interested in taking part in pilot training, you will find all the necessary information here ».

Where can I find the current copy of the airberlin in-flight magazine?

You can find the current copy of our in-flight magazine »  here.

- new edition on board every month
- around one hundred pages of lifestyle, tips, information and great entertainment

Contact and archive (german) »  

Which electronic devices can I use on board?

Portable devices in flight mode
Small electronic devices, such as tablets, e-books and mobile phones, can be used during all stages of the flight, provided flight mode is activated. On the taxiway and during take-off and landing, these devices must be secured so that a violation to third parties is not possible.

Devices without flight mode
All Devices with a transmitting or receiving system that is not equipped with flight mode need to remain completely off throughout the flight.
Laptops, ultrabooks and notebooks can be used on board during the flight, provided the device is in flight mode or all transmitting and receiving systems are disabled.
Please note that these devices must be stored securely before take-off and landing, and therefore use during these phases is not possible.

Further information »  

Where can I find information about gourmet meals?

You will find information on our exclusive gourmet meals, a link to our menu and the option to pre-order here » 

What is airberlin connect?

airberlin connect » is the name of our Internet service that gives you access to the Internet during a flight. This service is subject to a fee. All you need is a fully-charged, WiFi-enabled mobile device and the airberlin connect app. Click here for more information and to see which routes already offer this service.  

Can I surf the net on airberlin flights?

The aircraft in the airberlin fleet are gradually being equipped with the airberlin connect Internet service. For a fee, airberlin connect allows you to access the Internet above an altitude of 10,000 feet. All you need is a fully-charged, WiFi-enabled mobile device and the airberlin connect app. Click here » for more information and to see which routes already offer this service.  

How do I obtain a copy of my invoice?

For bookings that were made online via or, we will happily send a copy of your invoice to the email address provided during the booking process. Simply use your surname and booking number to log in under My Booking ». Here you can request for a new copy of your invoice to be sent to you.

For bookings made via the airberlin Service Centre or at an airberlin ticket desk, it is only possible to request a copy of your invoice via the Service Centre ».

Where can I lodge a complaint?

We are pleased to help if you ever have a cause for complaint. Simply use the online form » to share your concerns with us. 

Which benefits does the Priority Package offer?

With the Priority Package, you can benefit from extra services at many airports, such as Priority Check-in, Priority Fast Lane, as well as access to exclusive waiting areas "aircafé" » and Priority Boarding: You can check in at a separate Check-in desk, go through the security checks in the fast lane, and enjoy a special level of comfort even before you take off. In the Economy Flex fare (and FlyFlex+ for flights booked before 12/7/2016) (short/medium-haul routes), you can enjoy the following benefits. Access to lounges », a seat in one of the first 5 rows, an empty middle seat (where available), Priority Boarding as well as preferential treatment at baggage claim (Priority Baggage).

How can I contact airberlin Customer Service?

You can send us your documents/invoices quickly and easily using the online form.

Please contact the airberlin customer service ».

What is the airberlin Info Service?

We want you to enjoy maximum comfort when you travel and short waiting times. That's why we offer our free information service via e-mail and and SMS– simply provide us with your contact details for this purpose to receive updates on flight irregularities on selected flights.

Your duties
When do I have to be at the airport at the latest?

So that your check-in runs smoothly and your flight takes off on time, we ask that you are at the check-in counter punctually with your boarding pass and have checked in by the check-in deadline at the very latest. You can find the exact check-in deadlines » for individual airports here. Passengers arriving at the check-in desk after the check-in deadline of their flight can no longer check in, will lose their entitlement to fly, and cannot claim a reimbursement, a credit note or change in booking without charge.

We also offer the possibility to use web Check-in » .
You can find more information about web Check-in here ».

An alternative to Web Check-in is checking in with your web-enabled mobile phone when you're on the go: via our mobile site or the airberlin app for your iPhone, Windows or Android phone: you can choose to receive your boarding pass via MMS or as an e-mail directly to your mobile phone.

If you are already checked in, but still would like to check in your luggage, you can use the baggage drop-off area or check-in counter up until the deadline at your departure airport. Please present your boarding pass there.

Which passport and visa regulations must be observed when entering a foreign country?
The entry regulations of some countries require you to present a valid passport, visa and/or special forms. Health regulations also vary. You can find information about special entry formalities » for our destinations in Germany, China, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Russia, Thailand and USA here.

We recommend that you find out about the exact requirements before you go on holiday. This information is available from the following website: »

What do I need to consider when flying to the USA?

Already prior to embarking on your trip to, from or via the USA, certain information is collected about your stay in the USA. An electronic entry permit (ESTA authorisation) can be requested online up to 72 hours before departure. More information is also required after booking your flight, which you can submit here My Booking ».

For more information on travelling to the USA»

Do I need to reconfirm the departure time?

You do not need to reconfirm your flight. We recommend that you check your time of departure in the 48 hours prior to the start of your journey at You can view the current departure times for airberlin and NIKI flights here »

Where can I find the departure and arrival times of my flight?

Here » you will find the current departure and arrival times  of our flights

You can also create your own personal flight timetable » with the latest flight schedules and save it as a PDF file.

What are the health requirements for travel?

You should take your physical condition and fitness for air travel into account when planning your journey. If you have a pre-existing condition, suffer from general debility and/or require frequent medication, you should speak to your GP before travelling.

If you have an infectious disease, such as infectious hepatitis, open TBC, chicken-pox, measles or German measles, you will not be able to travel until you have made a full recovery.

You will need to notify the Service Center » at least 7 days prior to departure of any serious illnesses, recent operations and special medical requirements, as the medical service may need to make an assessment in individual cases. You should also notify the Service Centre at least 7 days prior to departure if you require a personal oxygen supply on board.

Vaccinations: When travelling to some countries you will need to be vaccinated or inoculated against specific diseases. Before booking your trip, please contact a doctor qualified in travel medicine, the travel medicine information system of the airberlin group’s medical service at » or the health authorities of your destination or transit country.

Information about transporting medication: If you have medication that you constantly require, you should carry this in your cabin baggage; other medication should be carried in your checked baggage. If you are diabetic, please remember to carry sufficient amounts of insulin for the entire flight in your cabin baggage so that you always have it to hand. You should also carry a medical note from your GP confirming that you require this medication.

For further information please go to Patient transport ambulance » or to Flying in pregnancy » and Passengers with special needs » on board airberlin flights.

Health Requirements for U.S. Travel »
How can I deal with my fear of flying?
Fear of flying is certainly a common problem. Even though all the statistics confirm the safety of flying, up to 60 per cent of passengers find flying to be a stressful situation. These include people who have never flown before, as well as occasional and even frequent flyers. If this feeling of unease develops into a fear of flying, it can have quite an effect on people’s personal lives, and often place severe restrictions on them professionally too.

Here are a few helpful suggestions on how to prevent or manage a fear of flying:
  • Find out some general information about flying and the aircraft, the background to the different operations of the flight, the technology and safety to build up your confidence in the pilot and the plane.
  • Try to make the start of your journey and your flight as stress-free as possible. Leave plenty of time to get to the airport.
  • Once you have checked in, stroll through the airport to distract yourself by being active.
  • Have a light meal before the flight and definitely avoid eating anything too heavy. You should drink plenty of fluids when you are on board, but avoid alcohol and coffee.
  • Read an entertaining book, listen to a relaxing CD or enjoy the distraction of the in-flight entertainment.
  • Practise relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training.
  • Avoid taking medication to counter your fear of flying, as using them can worsen the symptom of fear.
How am I well prepared for my next flight?

You are able to prepare your next air travel with simple advices, so that your holiday starts on board already. We have compiled the most important and most effective tips about "plane travel made easy" for you.

Can I take more than one item of hand baggage in Economy Class?

As an additional service, airberlin offers you the option to » take an extra piece of hand baggage of up to 20kg on board with you for a fee. This must not exceed the dimensions 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm and must be placed under the seat in front of you. As this service can only be offered to a maximum of 5 passengers per short and medium-haul flight, we advise you to book it as early as possible. Please contact our Service Center to do that ».

As a topbonus Platinum cardholder, you can take two pieces of hand baggage on board free of charge, regardless of the fare you booked.

For what purposes will the data entered by myself for the Info Service be used?

The data entered for the Info Service will be used exclusively for the purpose of providing information on flight irregularities. These include changes to the departure time by at least 30 minutes, flight cancellations or route changes. 

Where can I register for the "Info Service"?

At the time of booking you can enter your contact details under the heading "Info Service". You also have the opportunity to enter your contact details under "My booking" », regardless of whether you have booked your flight directly with airberlin, NIKI or through a travel agency.

What contact details can I give for the Info Service?

You can enter your email address and mobile phone number. Please note that roaming costs may be incurred when accessing emails or texts.

When will I be informed by the Info Service about any flight irrregularities?

Information on delays to flight departure times will be sent up to 4 hours from the planned departure time if the change in departure time is at least 30 minutes. Information about a cancelled flight will be sent up to 72 hours before the planned departure.

The Info Service excludes weather-related delays, as it cannot be guaranteed that weather data transfers are always up to date.
Please note that airberlin does not have any control over mobile networks and therefore cannot accept any liability for ensuring that messages are received or are complete. We therefore recommend that you also check the current flight status » online at 

The service is offered for flights operated by airberlin, NIKI and Belair.

For which airlines does airberlin offer the Info Service?

The service is offered for flights operated by airberlin, NIKI and Belair.

For which routes does airberlin offer the Info Service?

The Information Service is currently available for all flights from Germany and outside of Germany for flights from the following airports:

Arrecife (Lanzarote),  Abu Dhabi, Alicante, Almeria, Barcelona, Bari, Bilbao, Boston, Brindisi, Bucharest, Cagliari, Catania, Chicago, Copenhagen, Faro, Fort Myers, Friedrichshafen, Fuerteventura, Funchal, Gdansk, Goteborg, Graz, Helsinki, Ibiza, Innsbruck, Jerez de la Frontera, Kaliningrad, Krakow, Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Linate, Linz, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mahon (Menorca), Malaga, Miami, Moscow-Domodedovo, Naples, New York, Nizza, Palma de Mallorca, Paris–Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly, Ponta Delgada, Rome–Fiumicino, Salzburg, San Francisco, Santa Cruz (La Palma), Seville, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Tenerife South, Valencia, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich.

Can I check the current departure or arrival time of a flight myself online?

You can check the current departure times any time at --> services --> information --> departures or arrivals »

Is there a discount for residents?

The Spanish government provides residents with a discount of up to 50 % of the net fare (without taxes and charges) on selected Spanish domestic flights. Residents are deemed to be all nationals of EU member states and Switzerland that have a valid residential address in the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands or the exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. This address must be the current address and it must be shown on the ID document (DNI) or the "Certificado de Extranjería / Tarjeta de Residencia" (ID document for foreign residents). If the document has not yet been updated, e.g. after moving house, a certificate issued by the town hall of the new place of residence and no more than 6 months old must be presented. A driver’s licence and passport are not deemed to be valid documents for the purpose of the residents’ discount. If you are making an online booking via, you will be asked during the booking process whether you are entitled to a residents’ discount. The discounted fare will be shown after you have entered the ID document type and number. When booking your flight by telephoning our Service Center » please provide details of your resident status. The discount can only be granted up to the time of the departure of your flight.

Please note that you need to present the appropriate identification documents when you check in.

Are there any discounts for children?

Yes, airberlin offers child reductions on fares for children under 12 years old.

Detailed information about child discounts »

Which charge zone is assigned to my route?

Charges for extras such as seat reservations and additional baggage depend on your route.  Routes are split into four zones:

Zone 1: flights within Germany/within Spain (incl. routes between Spain and the Balearic/Canary Islands)

Zone 2: flights between Germany/Austria/Switzerland and Europe (excl. Zone 3) or Russia (west of the Urals)

Zone 3: flights between Germany/Austria/Switzerland and the Azores, Greece, Israel, the Canary Islands, Madeira, Northern Africa, Turkey and Cyprus

Zone 4: flights between Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Europe and Africa, the Middle East (excl. Zone 3), Russia (east of the Urals) Asia-Pacific, North, Central and South America and the Caribbean

Our partner airlines may charge different fees. Go to overview of charges »

Passengers with special needs
Are there any arrangements for passengers with special needs?

airberlin will accompany passengers with restricted mobility or severely disabled passengers at the departure airport and on arrival at their destination. We also provide wheelchairs where necessary to take passengers to and from the aircraft.

Disabled passengers with a type "B" pass or equivalent, denoting severe disability, can reserve seats for themselves and one person accompanying them. This reservation can be made via our Service Centre and is free of charge. On German domestic flights travel companions only pay taxes and charges as well as the service charge. Medical equipment and medication is carried free in the hold. Blind passengers can take their guide dogs with them into the cabin. Please contact the Service Centre » at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight if you require our service.

Further information about Flying without barriers »

Special safety regulations » apply to the carriage of passengers with reduced mobility on airberlin flights.

For flights to/from the U.S.:
Please refer to information listed unter "Reduced mobility assistance for flights to/from the U.S." »

How do I travel with an infant/a child?

The service for families » page in our service section provides all the information you need on the subject of child discounts, seat reservation and free baggage allowance for children, as well as our onboard service for our younger passengers. You will also find details about which child seats or safety restraint systems can be used on board airberlin aircraft.

Until which period of their pregnancy can expectant mothers fly?
Expectant mothers are carried up to 4 weeks before the expected delivery date. The return flight also has to be completed before this date.
Are there any special arrangements for unaccompanied minors?

Please note that a child under the age of 2 may only travel when accompanied by a parent / legal guardian or an adult (18 years or older). Children under the age of 5 may be accompanied by an older brother or sister (at least 16 years of age), provided that a parent / legal guardian has signed a written declaration of consent to confirm that an older sibling may accompany younger ones. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 are not considered unaccompanied minors (UMNR) if they are accompanied by a person at least 16 years old. Please note that for unaccompanied minors a written declaration of consent may be required from the parents / legal guardians. Our Service Centre » will be pleased to give you information about all the terms and conditions.

What should I consider when travelling with my children abroad?

Please note that children must be in possession of a valid EU passport for entry into certain countries, because child ID cards will not be accepted. Furthermore, it is common procedure to determine whether accompanying children are traveling with the legal guardian(s) or with their consent. For this reason, parents whose children do not have the same family name should carry additional documents that prove that they are their own children. If you have any questions, please contact the German Foreign Office in your destination country to check whether there are any country-specific requirements.

Important: Entries for children in parents' passports are invalid as of June 26, 2012!

Due to European requirements » there is an important change in German passport law: from June 26, 2012, entries for children in a parent's passport are invalid and no longer entitle the child to cross the border. Therefore, all children (from birth) must have their own travel documents from that date onwards when traveling abroad.

Seats and XL seats
How does seat selection work using the Web Check-in service?

If you have booked a seat, it will be shown to you during Web Check-in. You can exchange this seat for another free seat at any time. You will not be charged if you change to a seat in the same category, but you may be charged for changing your seat to a different category (e.g. XL seat), depending on the fare you have booked.

Our system will automatically assign you a seat if you have not made an advance seat booking. You may change this automatic assignment and select another free seat at any time. You may be charged for changing your assigned seat, depending on the fare you have booked. You can find more information on the terms and conditions of your fare in our fare overview ». When possible, our system will assign adjacent seats to passengers travelling together. However, this is only possible if adjacent seats are still free when you check in. We recommend you check in as early as possible. You can use our online Web Check-in at or check in with the airberlin app, from 30 hours before departure.

How does automatic seat assignment work?

If you choose not to reserve a seat, our system will automatically allocate you a set at Check-in. For passengers who are travelling together, our system will allocate adjacent seats where possible. However, this is only possible if there are adjacent seats available on the aircraft at the time of Check-in. Therefore, we recommend that you check in as early as possible. You can use the Web Check-in from 30 or 24 hours (depending on the route) before departure using or the airberlin app.

Can I sit next to my travelling companion?

If you choose not to reserve a seat, our system will automatically allocate you a set at Check-in. For passengers who are travelling together, our system will allocate adjacent seats where possible. However, this is only possible if there are adjacent seats available on the aircraft at the time of Check-in. Therefore, we recommend that you check in as early as possible. You can use the Web Check-in from 30 or 24 hours (depending on the route) before departure using or the airberlin app.

What are XL seats?

Our XL seats offer up to 20% more legroom and optimal seating comfort in Economy Class.

On short- and medium-haul routes, the XL seats are situated at the emergency exits. On our long-haul flights, we offer XL seats not only at the emergency exits, but also in the front section of the cabin, which also allows passengers to board and disembark the aircraft more quickly.
Please note that the following persons may not reserve a seat located at an emergency exit:
• Pregnant women
• Infants and children under 12 years of age
• Persons with limited mobility
• Persons who wish to bring an animal on board with them.
Those in possession of a topbonus Silver Card or Service Card receive a discount for XL seats. Those in possession of a topbonus Gold/Platinum Card may reserve XL seats for themselves and one travelling companion in the Economy Flex fare (or for flights booked before 12/7/2016, the Fly Flex+ or FlyFlex fares) at no additional cost.

Can I book an additional seat?

For passengers requiring a high level of comfort or when transporting large, sensitive items of baggage in the cabin (e.g. musical instruments larger than 86 cm x 33 cm x 19 cm including case), it makes sense to reserve an extra seat. You can book this service by calling our Service Centre ».

How do I book my seat?

Aisle or window, right at the front or preferably with lots of extra leg room? You can fly any way you choose. Simply book your chosen seat category together with your flight or add the seats to your booking up to 4 hours before departure at We recommend you book your seats at your earliest convenience to ensure the best possible choice.

You will find a summary of all seat categories and charges here ».

Why should I book a seat?

Every passenger has a seat they prefer. Whether it is a window or aisle sear or one with plenty of leg room: where do you prefer sitting? Booking a seat lets you sit precisely where you choose. We recommend you book your seats at your earliest convenience to have the best possible choice. Simply book your chosen seat category together with your flight or add the seats to your booking up to 4 hours before departure at

Which seat categories can I choose from?

You can choose between the following seat categories on our aircraft:

  • XL Seats provide maximum seat pitch in Economy Class and ensure that you arrive at your destination in an even more relaxed frame of mind
  • Preferred seats are ideally situated in the cabin – right at the front (on short-haul), or in some cases they will be among our popular double seats (on long-haul). Passengers on short and medium-haul flights that have used Web Check-in can also enjoy Priority Boarding.
  • Standard Seats provide the accustomed airberlin seating comfort

You can book your chosen seat category together with your flight or add the seats to your booking up to 4 hours before departure. You will find an overview of all seat categories and charges here »
Book your chosen seat category now ».

What happens if I do not book a seat?

Our system will automatically assign you a seat during check-in if you choose not to book a seat. You can change this automatic selection at any time and switch to a different free seat. Changing your seat assignment may be free. But you might also be charged, depending on your booked fare. You will find more detailed information on the fare terms in our fare overview ».

We recommend that you check in as early as possible for the largest selection of seats. You can use the Web Check-in from 30 or 24 hours (depending on the route) before departure using or the airberlin app.

Do I need to book a seat for my baby?

You do not need to book a seat for children aged under two. They travel on the lap of their adult companion. However, it is at your discretion to book a separate seat or a baby cot for your small child. You will find additional information on this and other topics on our page Travelling as a Family ».

What can I do to make sure that the adjacent seat remains vacant?

Do you appreciate maximum privacy in Economy Class? airberlin exquisite lets you bid for the free adjacent seat up to 32 hours before departure. The price is entirely up to you! You will find additional information on this and other topics on our page airberlin exquisite ».
Booking an extra seat will guarantee you a free adjacent seat. Simply call our Service Center » to book this option.

Fare Choices - airberlin’s fare structure
What are the features of airberlin’s fare structure?

airberlin passengers on short and medium-haul flights have the choice between these four fares: Economy Light, Economy Classic and Economy Flex », as well as the business fareBusiness Flex ».

On long-haul flights, there is a choice of three fares in the Economy Class: Economy Saver, Economy Classic and Economy Flex », as well as three fares in the Business Class: Business Saver, Business Classic and Business Flex ». We have put together information on all our fares in an Overview.

Can the Economy Light fare be booked for children?
Yes, Economy Light can be booked even for infants under 2 years and children under 12 years. The discount is granted for infants under 2 years.

You can find more information about travelling with children here »

When is Economy Flex the right fare for me?
The Economy Flex fare offers maximum flexibility in travel arrangements and comfort around your flight: you can cancel and rebook free of charge with this fare, even after the original departure date. In this case, only the difference to the new fare needs to be paid; restrictions regarding possible alternative routes are reserved. The price includes, in addition to hand baggage: two items of checked baggage and a seat reservation.
For detailed conditions of the Economy Flex fare, please refer to this overview »
Is it possible to check baggage at the airport if I book the Economy Light fare?

"Yes, you can check baggage at the airport, for a fee. If you already know that you will have baggage when planning your trip, we recommend registering the bag when booking your flight or later » online or via our Service Centre » up to 4 hours before departure. Tip: book extra baggage online up to 30 hours before departure and save shorter-term baggage charges!

Information about fees »

An alternative for passengers with baggage to check in would be one of the following fares: Economy Classic or Economy Flex: these fares include checked baggage.
You can find detailed terms and conditions for Economy Light here »

Can I sit next to my travel companion on the aircraft if I book Economy Light?

In Economy Light, a seat reservation (incl. XL seats, for more legroom) is possible as an additional service, and can be added during booking or subsequently under My Booking ». During Web Check-in, you won’t have a free choice of seats: a seat will be assigned to you by the system. This takes into account ecological and economic aspects of aircraft loading. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that travel companions without a seat reservation will be assigned adjacent seats.

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