How do I get the travel documents?

The invoice you received after completing your booking is also your booking confirmation.

Your invoice/booking confirmation is sent to the email address you provided during the booking process. 

You can request an invoice later on for all flights booked on; to do this, go to My Bookings».

How can I make a booking?

You can book your flights via, on our mobile site, by app, at a travel agent's, or by calling our Service Center »

I have missed the flight – what do I do now?

You may be denied boarding if you do not present yourself at check-in on time. Nevertheless, you will be required to pay the price of the flight. In these cases we are unable to rebook or cancel without charge. You may only switch to a later flight if you book and pay for this flight.

If you have booked Economy Flex (or FlyFlex+ before 12/7/2016) or Business Flex (or FlyFlex before 12/7/2016), you can also rebook or cancel free of charge if you miss check-in.
Please check the exact times at which check-in closes » in the individual airports.

Can the fares be combined?

All fares can be combined with one another freely, apart from the Economy Flex fare. (A Flex fare may only be combined with another Flex fare.)

Is there a service charge on my booking?

Online bookings at and bookings via app or the mobile website will not incur a handling fee.  Except when paying by giropay, a payment charge will be incurred. This will depend on your itinerary and is calculated according to zones. Overview of charges »

On domestic flights in Germany, persons requiring assistance and who are in possession of a Disability Identity Card marked 'B' (constant accompaniment) and their companion are exempted from this regulation.

topbonus Gold and Platinum Card holders benefit from a reduced ticket service charge of €10 per person if they book by phone using our Gold or Platinum Service  (instead of €20 per person for bookings made via the regular airberlin or topbonus Hotline).

What are short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul flights?

airberlin distinguishes between short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul flights.

Short-haul and medium-haul flights comprise flights to the following destinations:

All domestic German and European flights, including the Russian Federation to the west of the Urals and Caucasus, flights between Europe and northern Africa (Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lybia) / Israel / Turkey / Cyprus / the Canary Islands / the Azores & Madeira.

Long-haul flights
comprise flights to the following destinations:

Flights between Europe and the parts of the Russian Federation to the east of the Urals / Central Asia / South-East Asia / the Far East / the Pacific / North, Central or South America / the Caribbean Isles / Central Africa / the south of Africa / the eastern Mediterranean region (Syria, Lebanon) / the Gulf States / Iraq / Iran.

What is the latest time for last minute booking?

You can book on the Internet, by app, or via our mobile site up until two hours prior to departure. If you wish to make bookings at shorter notice, you need to call our Service Center », use the airberlin desk at the airport or book with a travel agency.

What is the breakdown of airberlin prices?

Within the airberlin booking process, the gross fare per person is displayed after the flight has been selected. This fare is made up of the net price of the flight, taxes and fees, including the fuel surcharge and Air Travel Tax. The gross fare is broken down separately for the outward and the return flight. The payment charge » is not yet included in this price.

Each person is liable to pay a payment charge depending on the zone and the method of payment.

The amount of aviation tax on flights departing from German airports depends on the length of the flight.

Further information about the aviation tax »
Is there a Business Class on board airberlin flights?

Yes, you can book the airberlin Business Class » on short and medium-haul routes, as well as on long-haul routes.
Please be aware that on indirect flights, there may only be Economy Class seats available on feeder flights. All other benefits of Business Class will remain unaffected.

How can I redeem an airberlin flight voucher?

airberlin flight vouchers can be redeemed online at and/or, or by calling our Service Center (local rates apply from a German landline; call charges in other countries may vary). Only one flight voucher may be used per flight booking.
If you have several flight vouchers and would like to redeem these for a single flight booking, please first combine them into a single voucher.

Combine vouchers here »

Vouchers may not be redeemed subsequent to bookings. To successfully redeem a flight voucher, the currency of the voucher and the currency selected during the booking process must be identical.

You can check the value of your flight voucher here »

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