Die neue Business Class

<h2>It was a pleasure having you on board</h2>

It was a pleasure having you on board

Even the most enjoyable of flights must come to an end. But the special level of service continues long after landing.

You have priority

Our Business Class guests leave the aircraft before all the other passengers. Their bags are already waiting - thanks to the Priority Labels they are the first to be unloaded and you are the first to arrive at your destination.

<h2>You have priority</h2>
<h2>Privacy on your connecting flight</h2>

Privacy on your connecting flight

Our guests enjoy a high degree of privacy throughout their entire journey: the seat next to you is kept free, subject to availability, on any feeder or connecting flights you take.

Feeling fresh and relaxed for your onward flight As a guest in airberlin's Business Class you have access to more than 550 oneworld premium lounges » around the world so that you feel comfortable and relaxed before your journey. You can relax in stylish comfort, freshen up and pass the time between flights or recharge your batteries. Feeling fresh and relaxed for your onward flight
<h2>Chauffeur Service</h2>

Chauffeur Service

The perfect start or the opulent conclusion to your trip: on flights to, from or via Abu Dhabi, as a guest in airberlin Business Class you can enjoy our luxurious Chauffeur Service free of charge »