Excess and special baggage

Additional baggage and excess baggage

If your baggage exceeds the quantity and/or weight specifications of the fare booked, it is regarded as excess baggage.

Up to 30 hours before departure, the following charges apply to your first piece of excess baggage up to 23 kg:

Economy LightShort and medium-haul: €20 - €35
Economy Classic, Economy FlexShort and medium-haul: €70 - €90
Long-haul: €150
Business ClassShort and medium-haul: €70 - €90
Long-haul: €150

Charges apply »
for multiple excess baggage items, baggage heavier than 23 kg, and last-minute registration.

If you wish to hand in pieces of baggage weighing more than 32 kg please contact our Service Centre ».

No excess baggage can be booked for children under 2 years.

If you have booked Economy Light (or JustFly before 12/7/2016) and would prefer to check in baggage after all, you can book extra baggage up to 30 hours before departure and save the extra charges for shorter-term baggage registration! 

Sports and special baggage 

Register your sports or special baggage directly during the booking process or subsequently up to 30 hours before departure online at My Booking » or via the Service Centre ».

Any sports baggage that exceeds the weight limit in your fare can be checked as excess baggage in the Service Center ».

You will find the charges to check sports baggage in the price list under the category Sports Baggage ».

Regulation for sports and special baggage
Disabled sportsSports or racing wheelchairYes
Surfboard (with sail and mast)/Bodyboard/Kiteboard/

packed in soft case or similar
Max. Dims Kite/Wake: L 139cm x W 89cm x H 86cm
Max. Dims Surf: L 290cm x W 50cm x H 70cm
Bicycle, mountain bike, Steering wheel stowed parallel to frame, pedals turned inwards;
packed in a bike travel case or similar.
Bicycles with electric drive (lithium batteries/accumulators) may not be transported as sports/special baggage.
Max. Dims Bike: L 213cm x W 64cm x H 86cm

not possible
GOLF, golf baggageGolf bag, clubs, balls and shoes
Important notice:
Golf trolleys with electric drive (lithium batteries/accumulators) may not be transported as sports/special baggage
Max. Dims Golf: L 213cm x W 64cm x H 86cm
SKI, ski sportsSkis, snowboards,
ski poles and boots
Max. Dims Ski: L 290cm x W 25cm x H 86cm
DIVE, diving equipmentDiving belt, empty compressed air bottles, torches (with bulb or battery removed)
Max. Dims Dive: L 127cm x W 114cm x H 76cm
Musical instruments larger than 55 x 40 x 23 cmFollowing registration, musical instruments with maximum dimensions of 86 cm x 33 cm x 19 cm (including instrument case and/or bag) and a maximum weight of 8 kg may be transported in the aircraft cabin in place of hand baggage. For larger instruments, it is mandatory to book an extra seat through our Service Centre!
They can also be transported as checked baggage.
Yes, up to 24 hours before departure by e-mailing medspecialrequest@airberlin.com
or calling our Service Centre »
Sporting firearmsAll firearms must be secured and unloaded. Ammunition (max. 5 kg) and firearms must be packed securely and separately.

Please note: The final decision about the transport of firearms lies with the respective national authority at the airport.
Yes, the completed form » must be submitted to avsec-helpdesk@airberlin.com no later than 72 hours prior to departure.
For flights from/to/via Abu Dhabi, the form must be submitted at least 7 days prior to departure.

Canoes and kayaks count as excess baggage.

Transport of pets

Depending on weight and height, airberlin carries your pets in the cabin or in the cargo hold of the aircraft.  

Please observe the following regulations on the carriage of animals:

  • Please register in advance, either online » or by telephone »
  • The carriage of animals incurs charges »
  • Animals must be housed in a closed, drip-proof and secure container
  • Animals must have sufficient space to stand or lie in their normal position
  • The passenger must provide the transport box

Blind passengers can naturally take their guide dog with them into the passenger cabin, free of charge.

Rodents and reptiles are carried neither in the cabin nor in the cargo hold.

Pets in the cabin up to 10 kg (incl. container)

  • can be transported in the cabin, in a transport box (softbox) with max. dimensions of L 55 cm x W 40 cm x H 23 cm
  • the animal and transport box together must not weigh more than 10 kg
  • the head of the animal may not leave the container at any time during the flight
  • the transport box may at no time be placed on the seat, even when an extra seat is booked
  • due to special requirements, pets cannot be transported neither in Business Class nor in the first seat row of the cabin

Pets in the hold

  • Pets weighing up to 70 kg, incl. container, are transported in suitable containers in the hold
  • The container must have an appropriate water and feed supply integrated or attached

Please note the cut-off time for handing in animals for transport in the hold is 60 minutes before departure (short and medium-haul) or 90 minutes before departure (long-haul).

An overview of all charges is available here »           

Legal terms and conditions

The passenger is solely responsible for compliance with all conditions and restrictions associated with the importation and exportation of animals. In general, the passenger is liable for all damage and consequential damage caused by the animal or its transportation.

The carriage of animals is governed by the IATA Live Animals Regulations »

If you wish to take your pet on your trip, you must first find out about entry regulations.

The carriage of pets is not permitted into and out of the United Kingdom, Iceland, Jamaica, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Sri Lanka or Kenya.

Freight Service

On airberlin group flights, the carriage of cars and motorbikes and similar freight is generally possible. For information about processing and booking, please contact Leisure Cargo GmbH ». (link opens in new window)