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Hazardous Item

Certain items may jeopardize the safety of passengers. For this reason, they may be prohibited in carry-on or checked baggage, or their carriage may be subject to restrictions.

Any items that may endanger the aircraft, equipment on board or persons, must not be transported, e.g.:

  • Explosives,
  • compressed gases,
  • oxidising, radioactive, corrosive or magnetising substances,
  • highly flammable substances,
  • toxic, infectious or hazardous biological materials
  • any items or substances that are classified as dangerous under the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • catapults
  • Firearms and ammunition(with the exception of firearms declared via the following form » (Link opens in new window)

The list of prohibited articles is not exhaustive and may be supplemented at any time. Find out more » (opens in new window) about all prohibited items.

Dangerous goods that may endanger other people must be transported in checked baggage, e.g.:

  • Billiard/snooker cues
  • blunt instruments that can cause injury
  • any other sharp or pointed objects, such as nail scissors
  • toy guns and commercially available toys that could potentially be used as a weapon
  • Sports clubs/rackets and pre-registered sports equipment that can be used as a weapon

Important regulations

Contact us » if you have any questions or if you wish to register any dangerous items.

Please take care to prevent accidental start-up (and thus undesirable heat generation) of electronic devices such as laptops, cameras and diving torches.

Important restrictions apply to devices that are powered by lithium batteries. Please inform yourself about all restricted or prohibited items:

Restricted Items: 

restricted items
Lighter and 1 box of safety matches:1 box of matches or 1 lighter may carried on the body
Carbon dioxide (dry ice):max 2.5 kg permitted to cool perishable goods; authorisation required
Mercury thermometers:must transported in a protective sleeve (1 per passenger)
Bottles with gaseous oxygen for medical purposesmax 5 kg, individually protected; authorisation required
Electronic devices powered by lithium batteries, including portable medical devices: authorisation required for items exceeding 100 Wh and up to max. 160 Wh, and/or containing more than
2 to 8 g of lithium.
Maximum 2 items, in hand baggage
Replacement or main lithium batteries for electronic devices: max. 2 in your hand baggage
E- Cigarettesmax. 2 im Handgepäck: dürfen nur im Handgepäck oder an der Person
mitgeführt werden
Heat producing articles such as underwater torches (diving lamps) and soldering irons                                                               Authorisation required

Prohibited Items

prohibited items
Transportation powered by lithium batteries (E-bikes, e-golf bags / trolleys, self balancing scooters, Aero Wheels, e-boards, Segways)may only be transported as cargo. Please contact a freight forwarder
Taser guns:carriage not permitted
alcoholic hand cleaners:carriage not permitted
alcoholic hand cleaners:carriage not permitted
Tear gas, pepper spray:carriage not permitted
Dyes, petrol/gasoline, paints, adhesives:carriage not permitted
Petrol lighters, non-safety matches:carriage not permitted