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airberlin Best Price Guarantee

With its Best Price Guarantee airberlin promises its flight guests  the best available price on bookings made via If the following conditions are met, airberlin will refund the difference between the price paid and a cheaper online fare deal.

I. In order to make a claim under the Best Price Guarantee the following conditions must be met:

1. You must have made a booking at for a flight operated by airberlin/ flyniki under an AB/ HG flight number, and have already paid for it in full. A booking made by telephone or by any other means, or a booking on an airberlin charter flight or codeshare flight with a partner airline does not entitle the flight guest to claim under the Best Price Guarantee.

2. The cheaper ticket deal must be available to book on the website of an online travel agency in the same country in which the ticket is available, and fulfil the same criteria as the ticket booked via, i.e.:

  • The date, flight number, fare basis / booking class (Economy Light, Economy Classic, Economy Flex), departure time, departure point, stop-overs and destination must all be the same. The same applies to the payment method (card type) and currency.
  • The number of passengers booked (number of adults, number of children) and flights (oneway/return) must be identical to the booking made via
  • If adults, children and/or infants are included on one booking, there must be a differentiation in the fare in terms of the above-mentioned passenger categories.

3. In order to calculate the price difference, the final gross price is taken as the basis, i.e. the fare including the mandatory price elements (taxes, charges, fuel surcharge, service/payment charge, if applicable) but excluding additional costs which are payable for booking additional services, such as insurance or seat reservations.

4. The price difference between the flight booked on airberlin and the cheaper online ticket deal must be more than €10 (£10 / $15) per person per booking.

5. The cheaper online ticket deal must not be restricted to a certain group of people (e.g. special fares, ID fares, special deals for employees/partners) or have been reduced by using vouchers, bonus points, coupons or discounts, or be part of a package holiday.

6. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply if the information provided regarding the cheaper competing fare is incorrect or if the fare deal is not available to book.

II. How can a claim be made under the Best Price Guarantee?

1. The cheaper online ticket deal must be passed on to airberlin  before midnight (Central European Time) on the same day as the original flight is booked via, as follows:

  • The Best Price Guarantee (BPG) claim form must be completed in full and accurately. It is not possible to make a claim by telephone or by any other means without using the BPG claim form. Any incomplete or incorrectly completed BPG claim forms will not be processed and will not constitute grounds for a refund in terms of the Best Price Guarantee. airberlin will not be responsible for BPG claim forms that are lost or delayed in transmission. Please note that it is not  currently possible to send the form from all mobile devices.
  • A screenshot of the cheaper ticket deal must be sent with the BPG claim form. The screenshot must display the final step of booking before confirmation of payment showing the final gross price. In addition the above-mentioned conditions must be visible, particularly the conditions of the fare category, etc., so that airberlin is able to make a direct comparison between the two flight tickets.
  • airberlin will check the BPG claim form and any additional information within 3 days.

2. If the conditions for submitting a claim under the Best Price Guarantee are fulfilled, the difference in price will be transferred via the method of payment provided when the booking was made. An email will be sent to the account holder regarding this.

3. The booking made via must not be cancelled or altered (rebooked, name changed) before or after the submission of the claim under the Best Price Guarantee. If the fares/prices given on are reduced after the booking, e.g. in the course of a special offer, flight guests will not be entitled to submit a claim under the Best Price Guarantee. If a booking for which a BPG has already been claimed is cancelled (either partially or completely), any  amount reimbursed in connection with the cancellation will be reduced by the amount of the compensation already granted under the BPG.

III. General information

  • Only one BPG claim can be made per booking.
  • The personal data provided and obtained in connection with a claim under the Best Price Guarantee will only be used by airberlin to examine and assess whether the terms and conditions apply. The information will be stored and processed in accordance with current data protection regulations.
  • airberlin's General Terms and Conditions of Carriage ("GTCC") apply to the booking of flights via