airberlin Economy Class on short and medium-haul flights

Seating comfort and leg room

Window or aisle, right at the front or preferably with lots of extra leg room? Where is your favourite seat?

  • Book one of our XL Seats for maximum seating comfort and up to 15% more leg room on short and medium-haul flights
  • Our Standard Seats offer the accustomed airberlin seating comfort and can be booked in the front and rear sections of the cabin
  • The Preferred Seats are situated in the first four rows to enable faster deplaning

You can select your seat category together with your flight or add the seats to your booking up to 4 hours before departure. You will find an overview of all seat categories and charges here »

Book your chosen seat category now »

In-flight entertainment

eco_entertainment2.jpgVariety is guaranteed with our entertainment programme:

  • In-flight TV with series, cartoons and music videos
  • Feature films on flights lasting more than four hours
  • wide selection of newspapers and magazines (on domestic German flights)

You can download our current entertainment programme for short- and medium-haul flights as a PDF here »

As a rule, you can use conventional  headphones, such as those  for your MP3 player, to listen to our entertainment programme. Alternatively, you can purchase headphones on board for just €3.

Internet on board

The airberlin fleet will gradually be equipped with the new airberlin connect service. Find out more »


bordshop_2.jpgairberlin in-flight sales

On airberlin medium-haul flights you have access to our in-flight sales offering exclusive products during your journey.

  • high quality perfumes
  • exquisite jewellery
  • fashion accessories
  • children's toys

Find out about our extensive range of products » before you fly. airberlin in-flight magazine

magazin_neu.jpgairberlin in-flight magazine

You can view the current airberlin in-flight magazine here »

  • new edition on board every month
  • around one hundred pages of lifestyle, tips, information and great entertainment

contact and archive »


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Economy Class on long-haul flights »


airberlin Business Class »  


Find out when and which electronic devices are permitted on board our flights here »



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