Electronic devices on board


PhasePortable PEDs
smartphones and
Larger PEDs
(e.g. laptops &
Wi-Fi, SMS and
wireless connections
Delay on the groundYesYesYes
Taxiing to the runwayYesNoNo
During the flightYes YesNo
Preparing for landingYesNoNo
During landingYesNoNo
Taxiing to the standYesNoNo


List of approved PEDs
(portable electronic devices):
Mobile phones/smartphones Laptops/notebooks
Headphones with noise cancellation Portable DVD/CD players
Digital audio/MP3 playersBluetooth devices
Portable satellite-based navigation aidsPersonal cameras
Electronic gamesMedical aids


Which electronic devices can I use on board?

Portable devices in flight mode Small electronic devices such as tablets, e-books and mobile phones may be used during all phases of the flight, provided that flight mode is activated. On the runway and during take-off and landing, these devices
must be secured so that there is no risk of injury to third parties.

Devices without flight mode

All devices with a send or receive function that do not have a flight mode option must be fully switched off throughout the entire flight.

Laptops, Ultrabooks and notebooks

You may use laptops, Ultrabooks and notebooks on board during the flight, provided the device is in flight mode, i.e. all send and receive functions are deactivated.
Please note that these devices must be stowed away securely before take-off and landing, so they cannot be used during those phases.

Other devices with no connect options

Other devices with no connect options, for example DVD players, electronic games or MP3 players, may, depending on the size of the device, be used on board our aircraft during all phases of the flight. Larger devices must be securely stowed away before take-off and landing.

Bluetooth accessories

Bluetooth accessories (e.g. wireless keyboard, headphones etc.) may only be used during the flight. While taxiing to the runway, during take-off and landing, these items must be switched off.

Are there certain times at which I may not use my portable devices?

During the safety announcements, your full attention is required. For that reason, the use of all electronic devices during that time is prohibited.
In addition, the crew can give instructions at any time that all electronic devices should be switched off for safety reasons. That applies, for example, in the event of special approach procedures.

What about my headphones?

To ensure that you can hear all the safety announcements on the way to the runway, during take-off and landing and on the way to the stand, use of your own headphones during these phases of the flight is only permitted in connection with our in-flight entertainment. Any announcements interrupt the entertainment
programme so that you hear them directly through your headphones.

During the flight, you are also allowed to connect your own headphones to your electronic devices.

Do you need more information?

For more information, please contact our flight attendants who will be happy to help you at any time.