Check-in at the airport

Desk check-in

You can collect your boarding pass and check in your baggage at the NIKI check-in desks. Please arrive at the check-in desk in good time, so that you have your boarding pass before the check-in deadline ».

Please note that there may be long queues at the check-in desks. We therefore advise our guests to use our Web Check-in, mobile Check-in or Quick Check-in facilities.


Evening Check-in

You can check in your baggage and/or obtain your boarding passes the evening before departure at many airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This allows families with children, in particular, to have a relaxed start to their holidays. On the day of departure you can go directly through the security checks and then on to the gate.

A fee of €10 per person is charged for this service. This fee is also applicable if you only wish to check in your baggage on the evening prior to your departure because, for example, you have already checked in online. Children under 12 years of age may check in free of charge the evening before departure. This service is free of charge even if you have booked an Economy Classic or Economy Flex (or, before 12/07/2016, FlyClassic or FlyFlex+) fare for your short- or medium-haul flight.

Please note that Evening Check-in is only available on flights operated by NIKI. Customers flying with codeshare partners are asked to contact the operating airline for information.

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