Information on cookies

Dear user, by using the airberlin website you are agreeing to the installation of cookies and the storage of pseudonymised data, including after the end of your visit to our website, as described and for the purposes specified below. In this information you will find clarifications on cookies, the type of cookies used, the purpose of their use and the possibility of objecting to them.

  1. What are cookies?

    Cookies are small text files which are stored locally in the cache of your Internet browser or on your mobile device when you visit certain web pages or by certain e-mails that you have opened. The cookies are installed either directly by the operator of the website you visit (“first-party cookies”) or by service providers of that website operator (“third-party cookies”) through the website you visit. They make it possible to recognise the Internet browser the next time you visit the same website and automatically transmit the stored data to the website so that it can, for example, “remember” preferences or shopping carts created during previous visits to the website. Among other things, this is intended to improve user-friendliness, including with respect to the selection of displayed offers.
    The use of cookies is widespread. When a cookie is activated a user ID is assigned to it. Your personal data, such as your name or IP address, will not be to assigned to that “user ID”. On the basis of the cookie technology only pseudonymised information will be collected and stored, for example the products that you searched for, viewed or selected.
  2. What are cookies used for?
    airberlin uses cookies for different purposes:
    a. Technical purposes
    Some cookies are necessary to ensure that the basic functions of the website work properly. For example, the use of the shopping cart function and the subsequent flight booking are only possible through the activation of those specific cookies.
    b. User-friendliness
    The storage of certain information through cookies makes it easier for you to navigate around our website. For example, your chosen language and country or other user preferences will be stored.
    c. Analysis and marketing
    Cookies will also be stored to, for example, track the number of visitors to the website in question, carry out anonymised analyses of the type of website use or obtain other important information on user behaviour on the website. That information helps us to continually improve and optimise our website. It also provides us with information on our customers’ response to particular measures and campaigns. These cookies enable us to specifically target with advertising browsers which have already taken an interest in our products in the past, without the visitors of the website in question being identified.
  3. What types of cookies are used?
    The cookies we use can be divided into different “types” according to the purpose for which they are used:
    a. Session cookies
    Session cookies are cookies that airberlin uses as “technical cookies”. They are valid during your visit to the website and are automatically deleted after the end of the session (i.e. when you leave the website or close the browser). They serve the purpose of, for example, storing the contents of a shopping cart (e.g. the selected destination, date and number of people) during the different steps of a booking process.
    b. Permanent cookies
    Permanent cookies are cookies which airberlin uses to improve user-friendliness and for analysis and marketing purposes. They must be stored in the cache of your Internet browser or on your mobile device for a longer period, as only in this way is it possible to “recognise” your browser / your end device upon a later visit to the website and therefore make the website more user-friendly, effective and secure for you and optimally tailor it to your wishes.
    airberlin also uses permanent cookies of partner companies (“third-party cookies”) for the purpose of analysing and adjusting interest-based advertising. Those cookies record, for example, demographic characteristics and information on the pages you have visited before and the products you were interested in, so that advertising can be displayed to you which corresponds to your interests as closely as possible – of course the pseudonymous data will not be combined with personal data. If you wish to find out more about cookies or targeted advertising and on how you can accept or object to this type of advertising, we recommend that you visit the following websites:
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    airberlin also uses the services of AdClear GmbH ( for statistical purposes regarding campaign tracking.

    Please note that airberlin accepts no liability for the content of linked or listed external websites.
    If you enter a site with embedded content, for example Facebook or YouTube, you may receive cookies from those websites. Please note that we have no control over how those cookies are created. For further information on this, please visit the website of the respective provider.
  4. Deactivate cookies

    If you do not want airberlin to place permanent cookies on your device, you can refuse the use of cookies through your browser settings or options. If you do so, you may not be able to use some areas of the airberlin website in the optimum manner envisaged by us.
    If you wish to be excluded from AdClear campaign tracking, a cookie named “adclearoptout” is set by the domain. This opt-out will apply for as long as  you do not delete the cookie. The cookie is set for the named domain, per browser and user of a computer. Therefore, when accessing our website using several end devices and browsers, you have to opt out of data collection on each end device and in each browser separately. Opt out of AdClear campaign tracking: