Earn up to triple topbonus award miles on flights with airberlin and Etihad Airways

Benefit from the partnership between airberlin and its airline partner Etihad Airways! Earn double topbonus award miles on routes from Germany and Switzerland to Abu Dhabi and triple topbonus award miles on flights with airberlin and Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi to Asia and Australia e.g. to Beijing, Sydney or Tokyo and now with even more destinations to choose from.

Registration & booking period:
Travel period:
31st October – 4th December 2013
5th November – 15th December 2013

How to take part in the promotion:

You are already a member of topbonus? Then register here using your topbonus number or your user name by 4th November at the latest.    

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Overview of terms and conditions:

  • To be eligible for this promotion you have to be a member of the topbonus program and have to be registered for this promotion via the link above until 4th December 2013. Both membership of the topbonus program and participation in this promotion are free of charge.
  • Customers who are already topbonus members also need to register once to qualify for this promotion. The registration period begins on 31st October and ends on 4th December 2013.
  • The promotion is valid for the booking period beginning on 31st October until 4th December 2013. The booked flights have to be performed in the given travel period. The travel period begins on 5th November and ends on 15th December 2013. On a return flight, your return flight leg has to be on 15th December 2013 the latest, in order to receive extra miles for the return flight, too.
  • topbonus members will earn double award miles for travel to Abu Dhabi on airberlin and Etihad operated (AB- and EY flight numbers) direct flights from Germany and Switzerland (valid for outbound and return flights vice versa):
    Berlin – Abu Dhabi
    Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi
    Dusseldorf – Abu Dhabi
    Munich – Abu Dhabi
    Geneva – Abu Dhabi
  • topbonus members will earn triple award miles for travel on connecting travel from Abu Dhabi beyond on AB marketed flights (valid for outbound and return flights vice versa):
    Abu Dhabi - Phuket
    Abu Dhabi – Bangkok
    Abu Dhabi – Singapore
    Abu Dhabi – Male
    Abu Dhabi – Johannesburg
    Abu Dhabi – Bahrain
    Abu Dhabi – Kuala Lumpur
    Abu Dhabi – Seychelles
    Abu Dhabi – Jakarta
    Abu Dhabi – Kuwait
    Abu Dhabi – Muscat
    Abu Dhabi – Islamabad
    Abu Dhabi – Karachi
    Abu Dhabi – Lahore
    Abu Dhabi – Colombo
    Abu Dhabi – Melbourne
    Abu Dhabi – Sydney
    Abu Dhabi – Brisbane
    Abu Dhabi – Dammam
    Abu Dhabi – Jeddah
    Abu Dhabi – Riyadh
    Abu Dhabi – Nairobi
    Abu Dhabi – Chengdu
    Abu Dhabi – Shanghai Pudong
    Abu Dhabi – Beijing
    Abu Dhabi – Tokyo (Narita)
    Abu Dhabi - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
    Abu Dhabi - Al Ain  
  • airberlin (AB) booking classes eligible for the promotion are:
    Economy Y, B, H, K, M, L, V, S, N, Q, O, G
    Business: J, C, D, I
  • Etihad Airways (EY) booking classes eligible for the promotion:
    Economy: Y, E, B, H, K, M, Q, L, V, U
    Business: J, C, D, W
    First Class: F, A, R
  • Only award miles will be credited double or triple. Status miles will be credited in regular amounts.
  • The double or triple miles will be credited to your topbonus mileage account after the flight.
  • Cancelled or unused promotion flights, promotion flights which are rebooked for a date outside the time period of the promotion, and flights which were booked before registration for the promotion are excluded from the promotion. Award flights are also excluded. 
  • In addition to the conditions of the promotion, the topbonus Conditions of Membership (please see: and airberlin’s General Terms and Conditions of Business (please see: as well as Etihad Airway’s General Terms and Conditions (please see: apply, in that order, to the booking of flights.