Waiting List Priority


Holders of topbonus Silver, Gold or Platinum Cards enjoy priority status on reservation waiting lists. If you would like to fly with a flex fare on an earlier flight than booked, we will place you on the waiting list at the airport and give you higher priority, if your desired flight is fully booked.


  • Waiting List Priority does not entitle passengers to the right of carriage on a flight that is fully booked. Carriage is subject to availability.
  • Waiting List Priority is only available to topbonus members with Silver, Gold or Platinum Status, who wish to rebook at the airport onto a flight which is already fully booked. Waiting List Priority only remains in force provided that, once placed on the waiting list, you stay in the airport and can be contacted at any time in the airport.
  • topbonus members with Platinum status have priority over holders of a topbonus Gold or Silver Card.
  • Waiting List Priority is not applicable for travelling companions.
  • Applicable only to flights operated by airberlin or NIKI.
  • On flights which are operated by airberlin and NIKI, but which are booked through a codeshare agreement with an airline partner under its own flight number, the benefits are only available to a limited extent.