The Airbus A321 medium-haul aircraft is a stretched version of the basic A320 model. Like all aircraft in the A320 series, the A321 is equipped with fly-by-wire technology for digital flight control. The A321 has been operated by the airberlin group since November 2007.


Length:44.51 m
Height:11.75 m
Wing span:34.10 m
Maximum take-off weight:93,000 kg
Maximum landing weight:77,800 kg
Weight empty48,800 kg
Tank capacity (kerosene):29,684 l
Fuel consumption per flying hour:  2,600 kg/h
Maximum range:5,700 km
Maximum cruising height:12,000 m
Engines:2x CFM 56-5B3/P
Maximum standing thrust:2x33,000 lbs
Take-off speed (full):280 km/h
Landing speed:262 km/h
Cruising speed:870 km/h