Boeing 737-700

The Boeing 737 short-haul and medium-haul aircraft is the most environmentally friendly model in its class in terms of fuel consumption and noise control. The aircraft are equipped with winglets to provide additional fuel savings. Thanks to its ultramodern computer technology and GPS, this model of aircraft can be steered with great precision and fuel economy. The Boeing 737-700 (Next-Generation) has been operated by airberlin since 2003.


Length:33.60 m
Height:12.58 m
Wing span:34.30 m
Maximum take-off weight:68,000 kg
Maximum landing weight:58,000 kg
Weight empty38,100 kg
Tank capacity (kerosene):21,320 kg
Fuel consumption per flying hour:  2,420 kg/h
Maximum range:6,110 km
Maximum cruising height:41,000 ft
Maximum standing thrust:2 x 22,700 lbs
Take-off speed (full):290 km/h
Landing speed:250 km/h
Cruising speed:850 km/h