Entry regulations

In addition to a valid passport, you may require a visa and/or particular forms to enter certain countries.

Please refer to the current entry/visa regulations before travelling.

The following pages contain information about specific entry formalities that apply to our destinations.

Please note that separate regulations may apply to unaccompanied minors and to children not travelling with their parents. The same applies if you are entering a country with pets. airberlin recommends that your contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country for information about current visa and entry regulations. You will find a list of contact addresses on the website of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs » as well as the Russian Embassy »

Further useful information can also be found online at timaticweb.com » 

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visum_flagge_russland.gif Entry regulations - Russia

Special regulations apply to entry into the Russian Federation (RF):

All foreigners require a visa. Passengers also need a valid passport that does not expire for at least six months after the date of entry into the country. Please note the entry regulations that apply to your nationality. Failure to comply will result in entry being refused and you will have to pay for the return journey to your country of departure.

Obtaining a visaessentially involves two stages:

  1. An (official) "invitation" must be issued before you can apply for a visa. 
  2. Issue of the actual visa.

The easiest application is for a tourist visa. The "tourist invitation" required for this consists of two documents: one is a "confirmation" and the other a "voucher". The advantage is that the tourist invitation can be presented as a fax or computer printout.

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Application for tourist invitation / Ordering a Russian visa »

Please note that an invitation without a visa is not sufficient for entering the country!

visum_flagge_thailand.gif Entry regulations - Thailand

Special entry regulations apply to entry into Thailand:

Passengers require not only a valid passport with an expiry date more than six months after the date of entry, but also a confirmed onward or return ticket. German, Austrian and Swiss nationals do not require a visa for stays of less than 30 days. Passengers staying in the country more than 30 days require a visa issued by the Thai diplomatic mission. 

Passengers travelling to Thailand must complete arrival and departure cards. Our flight attendants will distribute arrival cards during the flight. Please complete both sides of the card in block capitals and remember to sign it. You will be handed the departure card by officials in Thailand after passport control and will need to keep this in your passport until you leave the country.


An arrival/departure card must be completed for each individual passenger. The reverse side of the arrival card asks passengers for details of their stay: please put a cross in the relevant boxes. The information required about your job, place of residence and airport of departure/return on the right-hand section of the form must be given in English.

Please note that German children’s passports are not valid for entry into Thailand. Children must be in possession of a valid EU passport.

visum_flagge_usa.gif Entry regulations - USA

Special regulations must be complied with for entry to the USA:

Since 4th October 2005 certain details relating to your stay in the USA have to be registered prior to your departure, i.e. when checking in/at the late-night check-in. This also applies to holders of machine-readable passports. The US authorities will refuse entry if the required information is not provided. To reduce queues at the check-in desks, please print out the APIS form » (APIS Advance Passenger Information System) and complete the form for each person travelling so that you are ready to present it at the check-in desk.

Go to the Information sheet for travel between the EU and the USA »

From 12th January 2009 all tourists and business travellers must apply for a travel permit online prior to departure. This electronic system for travel authorisation (ESTA) essentially replaces the green form that travellers previously completed on the aircraft prior to entering the USA. Please also note the information provided by the US embassy with regard to ESTA »

Important: Since 1st October 2004 German, Austrian and Swiss nationals entering the USA have had to be in possession of a red, machine-readable passport. When planning your vacation, please remember that the German children’s passport is not machine-readable.

The following forms apply when entering the USA (our flight attendants will be distributing these during the flight):

White form (I-94): The US authorities demand that passengers requiring a visa complete the white form by providing personal details, information about entering and leaving the country, and information relating to their visa.  Please complete both sides of the card in block capitals and remember to sign it. Please note: In the US the number "7" is not crossed and the number "1" is written as a vertical line.

Blue form (6059B): The customs form must be completed by all passengers, whether or not they require a visa. You are asked to enter personal details on the front. The reverse side is where you have to declare dutiable goods.


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