NEW: Gourmet-menu on board


Our aim is to spoil you during every stage of your journey - and for us that includes excellent in-flight meals. Therefore we are pleased to offer topbonus Platinum members a gourmet-menu as well as a drink of your choice free of charge on most airberlin routes with a minimum flight time of 60 minutes. You will need to order this service in advance, so that we can ensure that your desired gourmet menu is on board.

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  • The complimentary on-board gourmet menu for Platinum Card holders is only offered if it is pre-ordered. It can be pre-ordered online via our website or by phoning the Platinum Hotline. The order has to be placed at least 48 hours before departure.
  • If an on-board gourmet menu is not pre-ordered, it will only be served in return for payment.
  • The complimentary on-board gourmet menu for Platinum Card holders can only be pre-ordered for routes on which airberlin offers a gourmet menu. You can find out whether a gourmet menu is offered on your flight when you book your flight
  • This benefit can only be enjoyed by Platinum members.
  • There is no automatic entitlement to a complimentary on-board gourmet menu.
  • Applicable only to flights operated by airberlin or NIKI.
  • On flights which are operated by airberlin and NIKI, but which are booked through a codeshare agreement with an airline partner under its own flight number, the benefits are only available to a limited extent.