Hold Seat Free

When you fly with us, you do not only have time to relax but also plenty of space to stretch out.

Indeed, as a topbonus Gold or Platinum member, you are treated to the utmost comfort with the seat next to you kept free as long as availability permits. Does that sound comfortable? That's because it is.
This benefit is only available to topbonus Gold or Platinum members who reserve a seat in advance through the topbonus Gold or Platinum Service at airberlin.com (see also "free seat reservation"). The seat next to your reserved seat is kept free as long as availability permits.


  • Passengers do not have an automatic claim to a "Hold Seat Free". This is subject to availability on the flight concerned.
  • "Hold Seat Free" is only allowed in conjunction with a seat reservation made at airberlin.com or through the topbonus Gold or Platinum Service.
  • With seat reservations made for the Gold or Platinum member and other companions included in their booking, the Gold or Platinum member and any companions sitting adjacent to them can be considered as a "group". The "Hold Seat Free" is then allocated to the left or right of this group, if a seat is available.
  • In principle, "Hold Seat Free" can only be offered for a seat immediately adjacent to the passenger. It is not possible for the aisle to be between the Gold or Platinum member (or their group) and the "Hold Seat Free".
  • Only applies to bookings made on flights operated by airberlin or NIKI.
  • On flights which are operated by airberlin and NIKI, but which are booked through a codeshare agreement with an airline partner under its own flight number, the benefits are only available to a limited extent.
  • Available only to topbonus Gold and Platinum Card holders.
  • The benefit “Hold Seat Free” cannot be used when booking XL seats.