Entry regulations - Mexico

Tourists travelling to Mexico can enter the country without obtaining a visa.

You can get the tourist card which is necessary for entering Mexico on the flight or from border crossings into Mexico. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of entry. To enter the country you must have a ticket for onward travel or a return ticket and the immigration authorities reserve the right to demand proof of sufficient monetary funds to cover your stay.

It is not possible to put families or groups together on one card. The entry card is handed in to the official on arrival at the airport. The official separates the entry and exit cards and returns the exit card to the traveller to keep during his/her stay. The exit card must be given in when leaving the country.
If you lose the card you will have to pay a fine.

From 26.06.2012, children need their own passport to enter Mexico.

We recommend that you contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country for information about current visa and entry regulations. You will find a list of contact addresses on the website of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico »

As part of the Secure Flight programme, selected passenger details must also be provided to the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for any flights which enter United States airspace. This also applies to flights to Mexico.
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